It can be difficult trying to decide where you want to spend your marketing budget and so it is a decision that you have to think about for some time to make sure that you make the right decision. Small business owners are restricted in their budgets and so they understand the need to find new customers and to hold on to the current ones, but they want to invest their time and money into something that is going to deliver them results and provide an excellent return on investment. This is why email marketing is incredibly important when we are talking about smaller business enterprises. It is crucial that every business owner knows and understands the benefits of email marketing and the figures suggest that it does provide the highest return on investment of all the other forms of marketing currently available.

Every business needs and effective solution that is going to allow them to reach out to customers in their inboxes and if you look here at you will find everything that you need to know about the fact that this method is much more effective than Facebook and Twitter for example and the email marketing is more likely to drive your sales hire then social media marketing. The benefits for email marketing are numerous but we will have a look at a few of them here today.

  • You can create a personalised content – When you are reaching out to customers, it is important that they just don’t read an email that sounds like it is generated by a computer and has just been sent out randomly to anyone who will read it. The beauty about email marketing is that it is a perfect business tool that allows you to actually separate your customers into different categories best on their personal preferences and this allows you to send highly personalised content to them.
  • It helps build credibility – If customers receive emails from someone that they don’t know, the immediately send them to their spam box or they just delete them altogether. Email marketing allows you to actually tailor your content according to what your customers need and want. Taking the time to get to know what your customers are generally interested in will mean that they will read your email rather than sending it to the spam folder.
  • Better brand recognition – It is possible to brand all of the emails that you send to prospective and current customers and if you are always providing them with information that they need then they will look forward to receiving your emails in the future. It allows you to get the customers involved in the whole process and so it is possible to get useful feedback from them on your brand and so you can take the time to create valuable content for them within your emails.

All of the above should lead to improved sales across the board and over 60% of customers said that they ended up making a purchase because they received a marketing email. By promoting your business using email marketing, you can also let your customers buy something using their phone right then and there.