The Benefits of App Development for Your Restaurant

A 2021 study found that two-thirds of customers prefer ordering food for delivery via a restaurant’s own app or website. 

When you build an app for your restaurant, you make it easy for customers to order from you. They don’t have to shout their orders into the phone to be heard, have a sit-down meal when they’d rather be at home, or get stuck waiting outside your restaurant for a table to open up. 

Ready to learn all about how restaurant app development can benefit your company? Read on. 

1. Restaurant App Development Prioritizes Convenience

Convenience is the jewel in the crown of customer service. You want your order, delivery, reservation, payment, and review processes to be as seamless and helpful as possible.  

With a mobile app, your customer can: 

  • Check availability of certain meals 
  • Reserve tables and preorder meals  
  • Order for delivery from wherever they are 
  • Schedule a delivery for later that week 
  • Track the status of their order 

And they can do this from the comfort of home, during a break at work, or in the car waiting to collect kids from school. Apps are, at their core, convenient. 

2. Automatic Calculations 

When paying with cash or credit cards, splitting the bill can be a nightmare.

Is it fair to split it evenly even though Sasha only had a salad? Who should pay for the pizza that we agreed to share but mostly gave to Greg? And now that we’ve settled that, how are we paying for the tip? 

With a restaurant app, customers can keep their individual orders separate from the group. Sasha can pay for her salad, Greg can order an extra pizza for himself, and the app can automatically calculate each person’s tip. 

With a restaurant app, you prevent human error from meddling with these calculations. And once the calculations are made, customers can pay from the app directly. No awkward tipping calculations, and no waiting for the server to bring a card machine.    

3. Easily Display Promotions and Coupons

If you’re handing out new promotional flyers every week, the printing costs quickly add up. Restaurant apps remove the need for physical copies of your promotions, deals, or coupons. 

Customers who have downloaded your app will be notified of upcoming events or promotions they might be interested in. This encourages them to download the app in the first place. 

4. Host Loyalty Programs 

Over 40% of customers say that loyalty programs encourage them to engage with a restaurant. If you have a functioning loyalty program, you’re almost guaranteed to boost sales! 

Restaurant apps are the perfect place to host and manage loyalty programs. They’ll keep track of your customer’s points, and can even tailor the rewards to better match each customer. 

Build an App for Your Restaurant Today 

By now, you should understand a few of the ways a restaurant app can transform your food business. As the world moves into the digital age, restaurant app development and app building has become more streamlined, convenient, and useful.