The 8 Nickelodeon Animated Series

“Hey, Arnold!”

The immortal classic of coming-of-age is a story of growing up naive schoolchildren lasting 5 seasons and almost 100 episodes. In the town of Hillwood, a collective image of the American north, lives a charming nine-year-old boy Arnold with a head in the shape of a soccer ball and a shock of yellow hair. His parents disappeared without a trace when he was only a year old, and the boy spent all his childhood with his grandparents. Ahead are the harsh school days, the first love, meeting new friends and adventures with old ones, but more importantly – a collision with reality. The one that opens up to everyone who has entered the threshold of ten years of age and from which loved ones once defended so reverently.

“Hey, Arnold!” – an encouraging sketch from the life of schoolchildren, devoid of any melancholy, where each hero is faced with the problems of friendship and vocation. Despite all these, frankly, difficult questions (for example, the recently released “QB1 Season 4 ” , reflecting on the last of them, caused heated discussions), the series manages to resolve them optimistically. There is too much around anything creepy and incomprehensible to succumb to despondency. The creators of “Hey Arnold!” Seem to understand this perfectly, have made the perfect guide to all life’s adversities. The recipe for overcoming is empathy, good nature and mutual assistance.

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“Sponge Bob Square Pants”

Nickelodeon’s animation beast has long gone beyond the original serial: SpongeBob is used to write comics, films and games, and the image of the yellow square joker has penetrated so deeply into pop culture that it has become one of the many symbols of the era. What did the audience love about this character so much? Perhaps infantilism, which helps him to treat all difficulties in a childishly optimistic way. Perhaps the enthusiasm with which he takes on the most thankless and difficult tasks (and even making burgers in the Krusty Krab turns into a real art in his hands). In short, the ideal role model for overcoming any problem.

But not SpongeBob alone. He is accompanied by other charming inhabitants of Bikini Bottom – from the simpleton Patrick, who can turn any, even the most everyday situation, into another adventure, to the ever-lamenting Squidward, whose claims, having matured, you begin to really understand. “Square Pants” is not just an acid fantasy with insane animation that even the creators of the infamous Ren and Stimpy from the series of the same name would envy, but a story with a full set of characters that resonates in any viewer.

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“Avatar: The Legend of Aang”

Water, earth, fire, air – before the peoples of these elements lived in peace, but a fierce war broke out. Avatar – the only one who could stop the bloodshed, disappeared at the right moment. And only 100 years later, Katara and his brother find a savior – a boy Aang, an air magician, who will have to master his abilities before challenging the angry people of Fire. This opening speech from the screen saver (which is how it sounds), in general, perfectly conveys the essence of the entire series – a grandiose myth about the elements and magicians, monsters and transformations. But more importantly, the stories of friendship and growing up occurring during the (Black Bullet Season 2) physical search for the enemy and oneself.

“Hey, Arnold!” was engaged in the description of everyday life of the inhabitants of American northern cities, “SpongeBob” painted the absurd landscapes of Bikini Bottom, and “Avatar”, armed with references in the person of Hayao Miyazaki and “Cowboy Bebop” cartoons, became a real fairy tale – sometimes fascinating and funny, and sometimes terribly tragic. If we are to choose the most heartfelt Nickelodeon projects that combine epic entertainment and novel psychology, then The Legend of Aang is in the forefront.

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“Dora the explorer”

But Nickelodeon is famous for more than its sensual growing up stories. There is, for example, an uncomplicated kindergarten quest with Dasha the traveler, where, in order to defeat good over evil, it is enough to help the heroine get a map or catch a rogue fox by the tail.

This is a simple educational program with the help of which children can get acquainted with numbers and new words, and also – what is even more important in some cases – enter into a dialogue with the characters, thereby defeating shyness. Here, however, there is an important nuance: if the previous series are easy to watch with the whole family (Avatar has chances to please parents rather than children), then Dasha the Traveler will leave adults out of business. Returning home after work, start catching a crook and learn English with Toucan, you see, not comme il faut.

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“The Loud House”

Lincoln Loud is the only boy in the family. Living among five older and five younger sisters, he tries to adapt to insane circumstances: one bathroom, a cramped room and constant noise and din within four walls. In addition, all his relatives – girls who are completely different in temperament – require a special, individual approach, so that in order to solve everyday problems, he will have to turn on his brains to the fullest.

Chris Savino, the creator of The Loud House, knows Lincoln’s trouble firsthand: the animated series is based on his childhood memories in a large family, and he used his own house as a prototype for a cozy Laud nest. Initially, which is funny, Savino planned to expand the plot to 26 characters and make all the heroes rabbits, but, alas (or fortunately?) It did not work out, so now the viewer is watching the adventures of men with disproportionately large heads. It is difficult at first to get used to the Lauds (go and understand each of them), but once you get used to the strange habits of this family, all 11 characters will fall in love for a long time.

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And if the Lauds have already tired you or you are in languid anticipation of new episodes, you can always turn on “Casagrande” – a spin-off of “The Loud House”, which tells about other heroes from this universe.

The plot revolves around Ronnie Ann, Lincoln’s best friend, whose family is also full of quirks. Unlike the Laud family, whose main problem is the lack of personal space and the eternal booth in the house, the characters of Casagrande are rather torn between traditions and a new environment, an old way of life and an attempt to be at ease. It is also a very vivid journey into the aesthetics of Mexican families – from colorful lavish celebrations to national myths and legends. Not only funny, but also from a cultural point of view, a useful excursion into the life of other peoples.

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“It’s Pony”

Nine-year-old Annie’s family is also not an ordinary one: they have arranged a farm in their apartment, and the girl lives in the same room with Pony, her best friend, with whom they go to school together and have fun playing video games and other fun. Here, in general, another story of a clash of two different temperaments develops: a balanced young heroine is trying to cope with an eccentric, but charming four-legged comrade.

In Pony’s place, say, a younger brother could just as well have been, but Nickelodeon’s love for absurd images turns the series into a cute cartoon, where animals live in a multi-storey building with people, and a cloven-hoofed one as a friend turns out to be preferable to classmates.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The return of your favorite superhero turtles, who, after the next rescue of the world, go down the drain to taste pizza. The new adaptation of comics, obviously, will not succeed in overshadowing the old serial adaptations, but in its decade it is still destined for the title of the best. Maybe other versions turned out to be not so successful, but to a greater extent precisely because of the understanding of the spirit of the original. Playful, comical, and not diminishing the level of entertainment from episode to episode – for five seasons these “Northern Rescue Season 2” confront the heroes with all the popular villains of the universe. And where the favorite antagonists are, there are fights: if the series can boast of anything, besides the successful work with the fan service, it is the battle scenes, without exaggeration, one of the best in the entire franchise. Complete, as they say, kawanatanga.