The 5 Types of Digital Locks for Your Home’s Security

Digital locks usually come in varied types and working modes, making them incredibly versatile in their style and functionality. Besides, their unrivaled sophistication and digitization make them the most secure home utilities every homeowner in Singapore should have. They’re a reassuring replacement for the traditional mechanical locks, offering enhanced security for safer home spaces. But while they’re becoming commonplace in the contemporary world, there are varied types you out be familiar with, which this article provides insight into. Chubbsafes is also one of the best option to secure your expensive material in your home.

1. Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are cylindrical and feature a bolt that protrudes into the door’s frame when locked. They usually don’t feature a handle but have a digital touchpad for secure locking. Besides, manufacturers built them using rigid materials, including steel, bronze, and brass, reassuring optimal home security. Deadbolt locks also feature a backup keyhole if you forget your locking passwords or when there’s a power outage to access your home continuously.

2. Mortise locks

Mortise locks may feature two or more bolts for maximum security and have a latch for easy opening and closing of home doors. Their sleek and ergonomic designs are eye candy to most homeowners and are a more sought-after option. Some versions and brands incorporate digital light and temperature controls in homes, which you can find out more about by visiting Besides, they also tag along with a smudge-resistant rigid pad that helps you disengage the door and gain access into your home.

3. Push-pull digital locks

Push-pull digital locks are a form of mortise locks with a twisted touch of functionality. You can lock by pulling and pushing, of course, after engaging the touchpad. An added perk with these locks is that they have an alarm function that goes off to notify you when you’ve forgotten to lock it. Otherwise, it does all the work for you, pushing the bolt inside the door frame, which works better at reassuring your home’s security.

4. Digital rim locks

Tim locks feature a bracket with a rim that fits into a metal groove in the door frame. It’s easy to confuse this lock with the deadbolt lock since it usually has a handle to open and close the door. If you’re working on a budget, this type of lock should be your go-to option since it promises optimal functionality. However, since its bracket positions externally, it’s typical to question its integrity regarding its security assurance. But fair enough, it offers maximum security, keeping intrusions at bay.

5. Lever handle locks

This digital lock is also a form of mortise lock and usually features a handle that requires you to turn and open the door once you key in your security password. It’s the simplest version that is easy to use and even installed since it only has a single bolt to lock; therefore, it won’t require too much labor. Besides, it’s a more secure lock with a touch of class to guarantee safety at your home.


Digital locks are becoming increasingly commonplace and seem to be pushing traditional mechanical locks to the back seat. And if you’re considering riding with the wave, you should be aware of the various types available in the market to bolster your home’s security. With the numerous brands offering varied types of digital locks, you’re sure to find the most workable type for your home.