There was a time when most of us used to consider relay racing to be something like a middle school field day and something you can consider doing with your friends. However, that’s not been the thing anymore.

Now, relay racing has become much more prominent than before. It’s a 200-mile racing event where around 12 people run for two days straight!

Wait, wait.

No, you don’t have to run continuously, though. Your job will be to complete the race within three times of running. And, you’ll get breaks in between for it as well.

But, which are the best options available in the USA? Where should you run to get the most out of the enjoyment package relay racing comes with?

Let’s find out more about it.

Best Relay Racing Centers In The USA

In this section, we’re going to shed some light upon the best relay racing centers in the USA. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Option – 1: Ragnar Relay So. Cal.

In this race, you’ll begin your journey from the beautiful Huntington Beach and, then, head towards the Pacific coastline. During this period, you’ll get to stop and rest at three different exchanges and end your running schedule in San Diego. After that, you can either get to your home right away or talk to some people and friends in the bar nearby.

Location: Huntington Beach to San Diego (the State of California).

Time: The month of April.

Option – 2: Smoky Mountain Relay.

Unlike the former option, this relay route is pretty rural and surrounded by greenery. But, the difficulty of completing this race can be quite challenging. After all, in this case, you’ll have to travel through 25 miles of rugged trails and cross creeks. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll need to cross the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina as well. So, it can get quite lengthy.

Location: Brevard to Bryson City (The state of North Carolina).

Time: The month of April.

Option – 3: Ragnar Relay Cape Cod.

The Ragnar Relay run and racing center takes you through pristine beaches in Manhattan and puts you into Provincetown. While you’re running, though, you’ll have to cross through the town of the historic Cape Cod. And, you’ll also get to soak up a little in the coastal atmosphere of New England. Also, once you’ve reached the finish line, you can partake in a beach party too.

Location: Hull City to Provincetown (The state of Manhattan).

Time: The month of May.

Option – 4: Ragnar Relay Chicago.

One of the many different best relay racing options to consider. When it comes to Ragnar Relay Chicago, you’re going to begin your venture from the catchy waterfront of Madison. And, once you start, you’ll get to go through the beautiful open roads of the Midwest to Illinois. The registration fee of this series is pretty high, though. However, if we’re being honest, the adventure sequence is definitely worth every penny.

Location: Madison to Chicago (The state of Illinois).

Time: The month of June.

Option – 5: Epic Oregon Relay.

In this one, you’ll start your adventure in the city of Portland and run through the hills of the Willamette River Valley. Like the second option on this list, this relay road is quite rural too. So, apart from running, you’ll also get to experience the beautiful scenery surrounding you. It costs the same as the former. So, we don’t think the price would matter too much for you.

Location: Portland to Eugene (Oregon).

Time: The month of June.


So, there you go.

In this article, we’ve already talked about some of the best relay racing places in the USA. In addition to that, we’ve also offered some more information regarding the same. So, tell us, which one do you like the most?

In our opinion, the Epic Oregon Relay and the Smoky Mountain Relay are looking like some of the best alternatives here. But, that’s just us being a rural or countryside lover. So, which one do you think is going to be ideal for your own purpose? 

Do you like the essence of a beach more than a mountainous trail? Well, then, don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below. We’d love to have a talk with you!