YouTube is a great place to find videos uploaded by content creators that are worth watching. For the past ten years, YouTube has been hosting people willing to put in the time and effort to create quality work for the world to see. YouTube has been a hub of entertainment and culture for many people since it was created. One benefit is education, which could be through videos or by browsing the available channels on YouTube. So we decided to compare what makes some of the most successful content creators so successful on YouTube and how those things apply to youtube itself. In this blog, I will be ranking 3 of these content creators who have achieved great success on Youtube.

What Is Content Creation

It is the process of creating new information, media, or art. One can create in any format. Anything you create that is not generic and could be used by someone else to create more content with it can be considered content creation. It’s just a way of creating something unique to your will and mind. When it comes down to it, if someone were to use your content in a way you do not approve of, or do something with your content that you didn’t intend for it to be used for, then even though you created the content, it could still be considered plagiarism.

The 3 Most Successful Content Creators on Youtube

1. PewDiePie

The most successful video creator on YouTube has to be one of the most followed content creators on the website. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (better known as PewDiePie) has consistently been ranked in the top ten most followed channels on Youtube and is considered to be one of the world’s biggest streamers. He can gain millions of subscribers, and it is not uncommon for him to grow his channel from a few hundred thousand subscribers to over 11 million within a few months. He was also ranked as one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2013. 

Content Creation Techniques the reason PewDiePie is so successful on Youtube is that he does not necessarily have to create original content. He often relies on Let’s Plays, which are videos of himself playing a video game and commenting on it throughout. It allows him to provide entertainment and commentary his audience enjoys as they keep returning for more. He also makes tons of clickbait videos, but this is not necessarily bad, for he has been doing it for over three years now, and people constantly come back for more.

2. Smosh

Smosh is another very successful YouTube content creator, surpassing PewDiePie subscribers at one point. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox create many videos that are also popular with the younger generations and are considered comedic gold. They have been very successful in their content creation, as evident by their number of subscribers and the number of views they get each day.

Their Content Creation Techniques are similar to PewDiePie’s. After all, they also rely heavily on Let’s Plays, a trendy niche, because people love watching others do what they like or do not like. But Smosh also focuses more on original content and sketches that poke fun at pop culture or current events. They had started out creating many more original skits, but over time they shifted to a Let’s Play channel where the main topic is still a comedy, but it is delivered differently than what you would find on other channels.

3. Ryan Kaji

One of the most successful channels on YouTube that is all original material is Ryan Kaji. Ryan creates sketch comedy videos that are sometimes inspired by current events or popular culture. He even has many videos where he satirizes popular Youtubers and the community that they have created. His sketches usually rely on wordplay and puns, making them relatable to his audience.

When it comes to Content Creation Techniques that Ryan uses, he is unique in that he does not Create Let’s Plays or game reviews like many other content creators do. And even though he only has 383,000 subscribers, his videos are still wildly popular and go viral regularly. Not only that, but they are funny, original, relatable, and even educational.

The most successful thing they have in common is that they have very active and loyal fans. Even though they may not be creating original content, their audience enjoys the entertainment and commentary of their videos. That is one of the first steps to being a successful content creator on Youtube or any other social media platform. Without an audience, creating any content is impossible because there will be no one to see what you have done and judge your work. After creating a following, the next step is to create original material that your audience can relate to or be entertained by it.