The 3 Essentials of Any Rustic Vintage Wedding Theme

Choosing a wedding theme is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding. If you settle for a rustic wedding theme, think of a natural color palette with plenty of organic textures and shapes. Rustic themes tend to explain a farm or countryside look. You’ll see elements such as unfinished wood, earth stones, moss, and leaves with rustic pieces, among other natural textures.

Rustic weddings differ from vintage weddings but can have a tremendous effect when fused correctly. A vintage theme uses décor and items to depict a certain period; they are beautiful and incredibly romantic. Vintage and rustic weddings are not a fad and will likely stay with us longer. So if you are considering a rustic vintage wedding, here are three must-haves.

  1. The Ideal Rustic Vintage Wedding Venue

Pretty much of the aspects of a wedding are optional. Whether to wear a suit or a dress, ditching flowers, or foregoing the wedding cakes, these aspects are entirely optional. But there is one aspect of your wedding that you cannot skip: the venue. While looking for a wedding venue can be challenging, choosing an existing vintage rustic venue can make things a lot easier for you and the less décor you’ll have to bring in.

Choose an informal venue like a barn or garden, get the initial vibe right, and then focus on other details. When an existing décor is close to what you are looking for, it leaves you with more time and money to deal with further small and fine details. But before settling on a venue, talk to your wedding planner, as wedding planners are more familiar with layouts, items, and capabilities of wedding spaces. Ensure that you choose a venue that aligns with your vision.

  1. The Wedding Attire

The fun part of your wedding comes with what you choose to wear. Rustic style is at the peak of its popularity. Their simplicity and naturalness characterize rustic vintage attires. You don’t need rushes or sparkling details as a rustic bride. A milky, pastel white or beige floor-length cocktail dress would be perfect for the occasion.

While vintage rustic wedding gowns are known for their simplicity, finding your very own can be daunting. Its many styles featuring sleeves, laces, open back, accessories, and length are not as simple and easy to find as they seem.

Some brides-to-be prefer looking for décor inspiration first, followed by their choice of a gown—others like finding a dress first and then building on their décor. If you choose to go rustic, give yourself time and space to look for a befitting gown and bridesmaids’ outfits, and don’t forget the groom with his boys.

As mentioned earlier, rustic weddings are beautiful and incredibly romantic. If you plan to celebrate your nuptials during fall, look for fall bridesmaid dresses in popular fall colors such as burnt orange, yellow, and red, and dresses that mimic foliage that can go well with the rustic theme.

  1. Rustic Vintage Wedding Décor

Vintage rustic weddings can be as simple as backyard celebrations with lots of DIY décors. Hosting them in a beautiful modern barn can also feel elegant. However, rustic vintage wedding décor has a few specific hallmarks, including using natural materials like cotton, wood, and lace, incorporating vintage items like typewriters, old books, or records, using wildflowers and succulents for bouquets and centerpieces, and serving drinks in mason jars or antique glassware. 

With rustic vintage weddings, the venue leads the way. The color scheme, type of stem in the floral arrangements, and stationery details should highlight the natural beauty of where your ceremony will be held. More importantly, rustic weddings prioritize fun. So, be ready to swap the formal pomp for a laid-back and intimate vibe. If you choose a rustic wedding, don’t hesitate to get creative.

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Rustic Vintage Wedding

Planning a wedding is never easy. The need to deal with so many things and people at a go can get couples overwhelmed to the point of making mistakes that could make things spill out of control. Budgeting for your big day can be your friend and a demon simultaneously. Therefore, set a budget and stick to it for smoother planning. 

Another mistake you will likely make is not having control over your décor. You might be tempted to bring anything and everything you love to a rustic vintage wedding. However, this can only overwhelm you and your planning team. So, create an inspiration board, choose your color palette, and ensure that every choice you make fits your original vision.