The 3 Essentials For More Leads For A Construction Company

One of the biggest obstacles a construction company faces is always having contracts and jobs coming in succession. There are usually gaps in between jobs as there wasn’t enough done to find new clients in time. The ideal thing is to always have something on the horizon so that when one job finishes the next begins. The trick is to have a system for lead generation so that you can end up with contracts more often. 

Generating leads is a bit of an art form and not many construction companies end up getting it right. This is what leads to those gaps. You’ll need to come up with a system for lead generating that helps to avoid that. In this article, we will go over several of the best ways to generate leads for steady business. 

1 – Use the right software

There is a lot of software out there that is designed and developed specifically for the construction industry. They usually involve platforms that allow for the field managers and office managers to see the project stages in one place so there is no miscommunication possible and even subcontract management software to make sure things are organized and coordinated. 

There is even software that will generate bids so that you can always be getting clients without much hassle. Bidding is something that many construction companies struggle with, particularly small ones. The bidding process will get you more clients when it is done successfully.

2 – Use inbound marketing

The ideal way to get leads is for them to hunt you down instead of vice versa. This is because a lead that is active in trying to sign up with you is one that will easily convert into a paying client. The method to use to do this is called inbound marketing

With this method, you will need to use a variety of platforms to attract the right audience. For instance, social media is one of the pillars since people will come to you when they are looking for the types of services you offer. By creating engaging content they are able to find you. 

You should have a Youtube channel that is professionally done and doesn’t seem like a commercial. Post helpful content that shows your expertise and you will have people that want to learn more as they can see that you will likely solve their problem. 

3 – Optimize your website

A good site is one that will serve as a motor for lead generation and not just a place for visitors to see your contact information. It should provide lots of detailed information and be easy to navigate. 

The website should also allow the visitor to find a form to fill in and understand what the next step will be. For instance, there should be forms to make an appointment with a consultant so they can get more information. Or, there could be a form that they fill in that will allow them to get a quote for the type of job they need done.