Your honeymoon is the highlight of your wedding experience, so it should be adventurous and memorable. That’s why an activity-focused honeymoon is becoming more popular in recent years. 

Most couples are shying away from more tranquil honeymoon destinations, which involve sipping wine and lying on sun-drenched beaches. 

They’re gravitating more toward honeymoon packages that offer unforgettable memories filled with romance, beautiful surroundings, starlit skies, and exceptional moments in the wild. 

An African safari is ideal for couples looking for out-of-this-world experiences. A Serengeti safari can offer an exhilarating hot air balloon ride over the national park, or you can visit Rwanda’s eccentric rainforest to see beautiful, enormous silverback gorillas

Besides that, you can visit the stunning Okavango Delta, and spend the night under the stars. All these unique and extraordinary experiences are not even the best an African safari can offer. 

Let’s explore some beautiful vacation spots that offer the ideal honeymoon safari experience in Africa.

  1. Tanzania Safaris Offers a Combination of Bush and Beach Classics

Love is beautiful with limitless boundaries. This can also define the vast, lush plains of northern Tanzania. If you want to experience and enjoy the sound of the Wildebeest migration’s thundering hooves, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is the ideal location for your honeymoon. 

This country is also home to some majestic big cats, enormous elephant herds, and vibrant chimpanzee-filled rainforests that seem to come to life with activity as you explore. 

The expertly guided wildlife drives make Tanzania honeymoon safaris irresistible. Some things to add to your list of Africa honeymoon activities in a private game reserve include:

  • Night drives.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Off-road game viewing.
  • Picnic dates.
  • Walking safaris. 
  • “Bean-to-cup” coffee estate tour
  • Visit the Maasai tribe
  • School-based itenary
  • Private Dhow Safari

Riding a hot air balloon over some of the most stunning scenery you have ever seen before descending to a champagne breakfast can greatly contribute to this incredible adventure.  

Moreover, you can experience Zanzibar’s magnificent Pemba and Mnemba islands in an hour and a half. The possibility of having a bush and beach Tanzania honeymoon safari experience only adds to the thrill of your trip. 

  1. Kenya Offers an Extraordinary Experience in the Wild

The Out of Africa film is one of the highlights of the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The sunlit savannahs of the Mara offer unique and magnificent wildlife, making it perfect for adventurous honeymooners.

You’ll interact with the red-cloaked Maasai people and learn more about their amazing culture. 

You can follow the Out of Africa theme for your honeymoon, and plan a picnic for two in the location where they filmed the movie.

Visit the luxury Angama Mara resort where you can recreate this romantic honeymoon experience. 

Masai Mara also offers the spectacular Wildebeest migration to Serengeti Park. So, if you want to view the thundering of thousands of wondrous beasts, consider visiting the Mara during the migration period. 

Game drives are fun in both the morning and afternoon. You’ll get to experience the animals in their natural element. You can watch them as they:

  • Graze.
  • Hunt.
  • Search for water. 
  • Relax in the shade.

Just like Serengeti safaris, Masai Mara offers a hot air balloon ride that delivers you to a romantic champagne brunch. 

  1. Rwanda Provides a Beautiful Experience with Silverback Gorillas

Interacting with silverback gorillas in the middle of the jungle can be the most thrilling vacation experience. There is no better time than your honeymoon to create these unforgettable memories. 

The prices may be a bit costly, but the memories are worth the price. Spending time with a silverback gorilla is not an everyday experience. So, be sure to create these exceptional memories and experiences with someone you love.

Admittedly, the trek to see the mountain gorillas may be challenging, so you’ll need to be up to having fun and making memories on the journey through safari. 

  1. Seychelles

If you want to experience the perfect honeymoon out of the wild, Seychelles is your best bet. This breathtaking environment includes:

  • Long, sandy beaches.
  • Elegantly furnished villas.
  • Warm waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Seychelles offers privacy and exclusivity. The experience can make you feel like you’ve rented your own little island. To add the cherry on the cake, you receive tailor-made experiences daily. 

Moreover, you’ll enjoy the services from the staff as they have a remarkable knack for anticipating your needs. 

  1. South Africa Provides a Romantic Date in the Wild

Source: Unsplash

South Africa offers a beautiful mix of nature that includes semi-deserts, savannahs, and vineyards. Its diversity in South Africa makes this beautiful country the ideal destination for honeymooners. 

You can experience the Cape Winelands‘ rich valleys, framed with dramatic mountains. Here, you’ll enjoy their traditional, exotic wine and the most delectable meals you’ll ever taste. 

If you’re still uncertain about visiting South Africa for your honeymoon, Kruger game drives will most likely change your mind. 

Experience the Big Five in their natural habitat. Some resorts even offer star-bed sleepouts. This is a fantastic experience that you and your spouse can’t afford to miss. Imagine spending a night under the starlit sky in Africa. 

  1. Zimbabwe

When most people think of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is the number one destination that comes to mind.

The country certainly has magnificent safari destinations that offer a romantic experience for newlyweds. 

Lake Kariba, for instance, is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, endowed with breathtaking landscapes. Spend a night in limited hotels on the untamed lakeshores, and experience the fantastic land-based and aquatic wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Enjoy walking safaris and interactions with the local communities. It is a pristine scene of the savannah, open waters, and far-off mountains, and some of Africa’s greatest sunsets.

  1. Mozambique

Source: Wikimedia Common

For your honeymoon in Africa, you can consider visiting the Quirimbas Archipelago. Besides favorable weather, the Archipelago offers a remote beach vibe with numerous romantic amenities.

The Quirimbas is a group of coral islands off the coast of tropical Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. It’s rare for the Archipelago to experience temperatures below 24°C (75°F) at any time of the day. 

Also, the water there can go up to 30°C (86°F) when it is at its warmest. This gives you a small preview of what to expect when you visit the Quirimbas. 

If you and your spouse enjoy scuba diving and other water sports, you’ll have memorable experiences at the Quirimbas. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t enjoy water activities, you’ll still get to enjoy the Archipelago. You can leverage its popular beachside massages and dhow sailing sunset cruises. 

The Archipelago guarantees you privacy as accommodation is sparsely scattered among the islands. Besides, the lodges are cozy and elegant. 

  1. Botswana

If you’re looking for one of the most luxurious destinations, with Africa’s most distinctive scenery, Botswana should be your go-to place. 

The Okavango Delta offers a magnificent view of high grasses, various species of wildlife, and floodplains. Some wildlife you can see at this large inland river delta includes: 

  • Hippos.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Elephants.
  • Giraffes.
  • Leopards.
  • Lions.

UNESCO recognized the delta as a World Heritage site in June of 2014. It might have pricey lodges, but the memories of your experience there will never fade.

  1. Zambia Provides Wild and Wonderful Experiences for Honeymooners

Even before you visit, the names prepare you for the ultimate experience. Imagine traversing the Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls, and the Kafue plains in one trip. 

This destination allows you and your favorite person to spend an uninterrupted night under the stars in South Luangwa. 

Here are some highlights you can experience on your safari honeymoon in Zambia:

  • A sublime hot-air balloon ride over the Kafue plains.
  • A remarkable view of the lions near the Victoria falls.
  • The astounding Wildebeest migration in Liuwa.
  • A spectacular night in Luangwa hamlet.

These magnificent experiences sound breathtaking, don’t they?

  1. Namibia

Aside from the Etosha National Park’s magnificent wildlife, the Namib desert is also a fantastic honeymoon destination. 

You can visit the desert to experience the mesmerizing raw beauty and starry nights of the dry season from June to October. 

To enjoy the thrill of the desert, be sure to visit the renowned Sossusvlei dunes. The dunes are massive and spectacular as they soar hundreds of feet above you. You can climb the dunes or ride a hot air balloon to see the sunrise. 

A local tour guide can help you extensively explore the desert, searching for rare creatures. It’ll amaze you how abundant and diverse the desert is. 

Wrapping Up

A honeymoon is not only a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it is also the most memorable adventure for most couples. With that said, this vacation should be perfect and unforgettable. 

So, if you want to experience a more thrilling adventure in the wild, an Africa safari is for you! If you enjoy wild nature and animals, you should choose a safari honeymoon in one of the most amazing destinations listed above. 

Visit either East Africa or South Africa, to create some unforgettable memories. Are you ready for the best-kept secret? Tanzania’s honeymoon safari offers the best experience by far. 

The possible combination of the bush and beach honeymoon experience makes it the highlight of Africa. All these destinations offer an out-of-this-world, beautifully romantic experience.