THCP: Everything You Need To Know Before Buy

Natural phytocannabinoid THCP is present in cannabis. Cannabis psychoactivity is mainly attributed to this compound, which is analogous to THC. There have been 120 cannabinoids discovered in cannabis plants. Many more are being discovered. The controversy surrounding THCP is raging in the cannabis community. Researchers have found evidence that THCP may be more psychoactive than THC in cannabis strains. This article will cover the information that we have about this new cannabinoid. 

What is THCP?

Cannabinoids related to THC, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, are found in low concentrations in cannabis plants.

Researchers discovered that THCP interacts similarly with THC but has a stronger affinity for cannabinoid receptors. This could mean that THCP is 33x and 33x more potent than THC.

THCP differs because it has longer alkyl side chains. The string of carbon atoms found in THCP is seven times longer than that of traditional THC (five). This allows cannabinoid attachment more tightly to receptors in the body. To impact the various functions governed by the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it takes less THCP than THC. Click here to order premium-quality THCP products online for the best prices.

Potential benefits and uses of applications

THCP is still a discovery in the cannabis industry. There are no other studies than the initial observations made by the team that discovered it. However, many medical cannabis in Virginia applications are possible.

Patients who require high doses of THC (such as those who use Rick Simpson Oil to fight cancer) may find THCP more helpful in relieving their pain. Higher doses can have sedative effects that are similar to THC. 

It is unclear if THCP affects humans or which strains contain more cannabinoids. THCP’s potency is said to be greater than THC. This is, however, not definitive proof.

Side Effects and Risks

Patients should be cautious when considering THCP as a potential medicine until more information becomes available.

It has been shown that THCP binds 33 times better to CB1 receptors than THC. This means that even lower doses could result in more psychoactivity. You may feel the dryness of the mouth, dizziness, or lethargy if you consume too much THCP.

THCP in cannabis is also very low, so it’s important to remember that. THCP is therefore difficult to determine cannabis’ overall effects. Some people believe that THCP could be why certain cannabis varieties are more potent than others despite having a similar or lower concentration of THC. Any evidence does not support this theory.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Does THCP get you high?

It is still unclear how THCP works in humans; research has shown that THCP has a 33x higher affinity for CB1 receptors. THCP may give users a higher amount of THC even though it contains a smaller amount. The brain includes the majority of these receptors. Further research is needed.

What is the safety of THCP?

The safety of using THCP in humans is unknown at this time. The research on THCP is still early in the process, so it’s essential to be cautious about using THCP as a medical marijuana tool.

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