Thailand: eSports Hub Of Southeast Asia

Unquestionably, Thailand is a trailblazer in eSports. The country has gained a reputation as a hub for competitive and professional video gaming as a result of the government’s recognition of eSports as a legitimate sport. It is hoped that by formally classifying eSports as an official sports discipline, other nations will follow Thailand’s example and give the industry the formal backing it truly deserves.  In Thailand, video games are a significant part of daily life. 32 million people play video games regularly in the nation, 95% of them play mobile games, and another 85% play PC games. In Thailand, there is a heavy emphasis on competition in gaming. The country has inevitably become a Southeast Asian eSports hub as a result, creating some of Thailand’s best eSports players

Where Thai eSports Rule the Field?

In Thailand, playing video games on consoles is less common, and the country’s eSports culture is primarily centered on playing games on PC and mobile devices. Thai eSport athletes excel in a few particular games, and the nation has a significant international presence in six major eSports competitions. Millions of dollars have already been won by local athletes in competitions and tournaments. Let’s look at the games that have been the most popular in the nation.

  • Arena of Valor
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile
  • Free Fire
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Desktop
  • Dota 2
  • FIFA Online 4

eSports Earnings estimates that Thai players have accrued $4,412,871.51 in total prizes, and this sum only includes money earned from taking part in live or online eSports competitions. This is unquestionably a tremendous accomplishment. Even more amazing is the fact that over 50 gamers in Thailand have amassed earnings of over $100,000 by playing and taking part in competitive video games. Given that the average yearly salary in the nation is only $2,904, this is an excellent start for the eSports business there. Some video gamers have achieved such fame that their followers and peers treat them like rock stars.

Thai eSports Still Needs Tweaking

eSports in Thailand has only really taken off in the last three years. Thailand is performing especially well for a country that is still getting its eSports feet wet, and it will undoubtedly pick up speed. Where, then, does Thailand fall short in terms of eSports competition? At present Thailand is performing exceptionally well in Arena of Valor, playing the game together with millions, if not hundreds of millions, of players globally.  However, it seems that Thailand is putting all its eggs in just a small number of baskets and are less represented in other well-known games.

There are undoubtedly areas where the nation as a whole can, and does, wish to, improve. The titles under which it is currently portrayed primarily reflect this. Thailand is participating in Arena of Valor, a game with millions, if not hundreds of millions, of players globally and which has been performing exceptionally well, but it isn’t always represented in other well-known games.

League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and even real-time strategy games are some of the staples of eSports that Thailand athletes still need to improve on. And let us not forget Call of Duty, Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, and a plethora of other titles that are missing in their gaming portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Thailand has the potential to turn the nation into a major gaming hub, similar to the path that Saudi Arabia is following. More children are being exposed to video games and Thai authorities are attempting to take advantage of its knowledge of eSports to advance STEM education within educational institutions. Soon, those who want to make a career out of video gaming will even be able to enroll in a BTEC in eSports. Players with promise should be trained so they can compete effectively and have the maximum influence on the Thai eSports ecosystem. The future of eSports in Thailand is bright.