Tasting Tips: How to Pair Cigar Flavors With Drinks

Are you new to cigar smoking?

Do you want to enhance your smoking experience by pairing cigar flavors with drinks?

Cigars are often smoked as a substitute for cigarettes. People use cigars for leisure, recreation, or social activities. Part of the ritual of cigar smoking is trying different flavors.

However, smoking cigars can be intimidating to newbies. Consider the wide variety of cigar flavors, how the smoke interacts with your palate, and how to match flavors.

Here are some cigar pairing tips to make sense of cigar pairings for beginners.

Consider the Strength of the Cigar

When a cigar pairing with a drink, it’s important to consider the cigar’s strength. Cigars with a full-bodied strength – generally composed of rich, robust flavors – are best enjoyed with drinks. Just be sure that the drinks won’t be overpowered by the strong, rich cigar.

Aged spirits like cognac or rye whiskey pair well with these cigars because of their strong flavor profiles. They are able to match the cigar’s strength. Light cigars, on the other hand, often feature mild flavors. They have subtle notes and thus pair better with drinks that can enhance and highlight those nuanced flavors. 

Think About the Intensity of the Cigar

Pairing cigars with drinks isn’t a random, disconnected endeavor. If the cigar is mild, then you’ll want to pair it with a mild drink, like a light beer. On the other hand, if the cigar has overpowering flavors, you should match it with a full-bodied drink like port or a complex whisky.

Additionally, the flavor of the cigar should be taken into account. A sweet cigar, for instance, would pair best with a sweet drink such as a demerara rum. If you are pairing a cigar with wine, selecting a wine that is a bit more full-bodied than a cigar is recommended.

Know the Type of Cigar

The differences between a full-bodied cigar and a mild one can be major, so the type should be identified first. You should also take into consideration the size of the cigar.

Full-bodied cigars usually pair well with drinks that are both full-bodied and alcoholic, such as Scotch or bourbon. Milder cigars are best served with milder drinks such as light beer, white wine, or even port. 

Check the Character of the Cigar

When pairing cigar flavors with drinks, it is important to check the character of hand rolled cigars first. To get a better understanding of the cigar, one should closely inspect the wrapper, as the type of leaf defines the flavor and strength of the cigar.

A good rule of thumb is to match the flavor of the cigar to that of the chosen drink. If the cigar is a mellow cigar with mild notes, selecting a drink with subtle and softer flavors is advised.

Know What Cigar Flavors to Pair With Your Favorite Drinks

Simply put, pairing cigars with drinks can be a great addition to any palate. With the right cigar flavors, the taste can be incredible.

However, everyone develops their own individual taste over time – so don’t be afraid to experiment! Try different flavors and explore the best combinations for you. Enjoy!

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