New Devices That Are Changing the Way Neurological Exams Are Performed


With the way technology advances in the medical field, it’s only natural that neurology would be next on the list. The brain is a complex organ that affects every part of our body and functions; therefore, doctors must diagnose and treat any issues affecting it properly. With neurological tools like the NPi pupilometer being used more frequently by doctors, … Read more

Non-Surgically:How To Tighten Loose Neck

neck exercises for loose skin

If you have a saggy neck, you may be wondering, “How To Tighten Loose Neck, Non-Surgically”. There are several effective methods of tightening loose skin. In addition to applying a moisturizer daily, you can also make changes in your lifestyle. For example, you should start eating healthier and exercising to keep your body fit and … Read more