T Dilip, India’s fielding coach backs KL to keep wickets for India in ODIs

Indian fielding coach T Dilip said that the Indian team has tremendously improved their fielding skills which have resulted in some match changing moments. 

The Indian fielders have improved in leaps and bounds in terms of the successful ratio of direct hits even though some of those didn’t turn into run-outs, said fielding coach T Dilip. This became the latest cricket news

Citing KL Rahul’s direct hit to dismiss an on-song Litton Das during the T20 World  Cup in Australia which helped India halt Bangladesh’s charge and clinch a narrow win, Dilip said the team seems to have improved in that area. Before that run out, the match prediction was heavily in favor of Bangladesh. 

“There are certain areas where we have certainly improved over a period of time. If you look at the number of direct-hit percentage in the World Cup and that one direct hit from KL Rahul changed the course of the match,” Dilip told the media after India’s optional training session at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

“That’s something we are looking at as a group and if you look at its overall ratio, even though there are no runouts, the number of times we have hit the stumps has improved a bit. That’s one area we will keep improving,” he added.

Dilip backs KL

Dilip also backed KL Rahul to play at number 5 and do the tough wicketkeeping job.

 “We all know that KL Rahul is a wonderful player. He has a proven record. Even in ODIs, in the middle-order, he has proven enough as a batter. As a wicketkeeper, he gets a lot of balance into the team because he gives an advantage.

“Since he is not someone who has picked the gloves just now – he has been doing that since a younger age – he adds a lot of things. Not that difficult to work on his wicket-keeping, apart from refining a few aspects,” Dilip said.