Sustainable Promotional Gifts

Since the consumers have become socially conscious, sustainability has turned out to be a significant concern for businesses across the world. Many popular brands have started focusing on buying sustainable products, and the rest are following the trend. Consumers expect their favorite brands to provide them with products that can be used for the long run without causing any damage to the environment.

Hence, the situation is not different in the promotional product industry. Consumers seem to have a more positive opinion about the company that gives away sustainable and eco-friendly products. In a study conducted by Advertising Specialty Institute, nearly half of customers were reported having a more favorable opinion about the promoters giving away environment-friendly promotional products.

It means you do not necessarily need to invest in expensive branded promo products to impress your customers. You can get the same impression by using sustainable promotional gifts. It is not just the younger generation that seems cautious about sustainable products, but the older people are also found purchasing more environment-friendly products in recent years. 

Read on this article to know what exactly sustainable promotional products are and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategies. 

What are Sustainable Promotional Products?

Sustainable products have certain characteristics as they deliver social, economic, and environmental benefits without causing any harm to public health and the environment over their life. From taking out the raw stuff to disposing of it, sustainable products remain environment-friendly. 

Generally, these products are made from natural materials and can be recycled. Like any other product, sustainable products can also be used for gift giving. You can put your brand logo on sustainable products and use them for your brand promotion like other promo items.

Some Popular Sustainable Promotional Gifts:

An upward trend in sustainable and environment-friendly products has encouraged companies to invest more in making their products sustainable. It is a different story that some companies have been trying to market their products as sustainable even though they are not. Therefore, you need to be watchful while choosing sustainable promotional products for your business. 

Sustainable products are made of natural materials like cotton, wheat straw, bamboo, and hemp. These natural materials are biodegradable and can be decomposed without damaging the environment or causing pollution. 

Below are some of the most popular sustainable products you can use for promotional purposes.

1.  Recycle Waste Bags

The use of recycled waste bags is common in shopping marts. It is the best way to demonstrate that you are a socially responsible organization that encourages the use of sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

You can distribute recycled waste bags to your customers and get these bags branded with your logo and contact number. Avoid stuffing them with information or marketing content. 

2.  Glass Drinking Bottle

A drinking bottle is one of the most useful promotional products used consistently. You can get your logo engraved on a glass drinking bottle with stainless steel lid. 

Moreover, you can choose different materials, designs, shapes, and colors to design an appealing drinking bottle to appreciate your customers by giving away beautiful water bottles.   

3.  Recycle Notepad And Pen

Another popular and cost-effective sustainable promotional product is the recycled notepad and pen. 

Beautifully crafted in brown and black color, the recycled notepad with a biodegradable ball pen can be a great promotional gift for your customers. It is an inexpensive promotional product having a long lifespan. 

4.  PVC-Free Bag

A PVC-free bag would be a great choice for the branding of your brand. Your customers would love to carry a natural and durable bag having your brand logo and contact number. 

Such handbags and laptop bags also act as walking advertisements. The possessors would advertise your brand wherever they go with your promotional bag.

5.  Organic Cotton Clothing

Clothing is the most popular and effective sustainable promotional product that can create a positive image of your product or service in your customers’ minds. You can get inexpensive organic cotton-made T-shirts to brand with your company logo. 

The t-shirts having your brand name also act as a walking advertisement. People wearing promotional clothing advertise your brand everywhere they pass through.

How to Choose Best Sustainable Promotional Products?

Choosing an appropriate sustainable promotional product is crucial to making your marketing strategy a success. Following the trend of sustainable and eco-friendly products is not enough if you want to attract more customers and create a positive image of your business in their minds. 

You must be careful in the selection of sustainable products. For instance, you must be watchful about the quality of the promo product. Also, it must be handy so that your customers can use it consistently.

Given are a few tips you should follow in the selection of sustainable promo products.

·         Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Make sure you provide a quality product to your customers as a reward. It does not matter how many people receive these promotional gifts. Putting a favorable impact on every recipient is crucial, and this is possible only with quality products. 

While choosing from sustainable products, consider the quality of the product as well. Your customers deserve having quality sustainable products. So, don’t depress them.

·         Do Not Stuff It With Information

Your promo product must not have lengthy promotional content because no one is going to bother it. Having your company logo and contact number on the promo item is more than enough. 

Stuffing the promotional product with your company information is unnecessary. Also, it puts a bad impression on the recipients.

Summing Up!

The promotional product industry has witnessed a transformation in customer demand. Thanks to the popularity of sustainable products. The studies confirm that consumers have a more positive opinion about the organizations that use sustainable promotional gifts for branding. 

Manufactured with all-natural materials, biodegradable products are becoming more popular among people all over the world. Consumers seem willing to pay more for organic items as compared to non-organic products. Thus, if you are planning to choose a promo product for branding, consider sustainable products. Nevertheless, you can get inexpensive sustainable promotional gifts from suppliers online.