Surf anonymously – How to hide your IP!

As soon as you move on the Internet, much data is transferrable in the background. Besides advertising companies, secret services, criminals, and hackers try to get as much data as possible. In the worst case, third parties access your online bank and empty your account. We show you in 3 steps how to move around the internet 100% anonymously with an iTop VPN.

Hide your IP = Surf truly anonymously.

By surfing the Internet, each user leaves behind their “traces.” The unique trace is the IP address. This allows hackers and secret services to locate and attack your computer—possible consequences: Data theft and espionage. Now the question is how to ocultar meu ip. In the worst case, it can even affect sensitive banking data and cause significant financial damage. It is highly recommended to browse the Internet with a VPN. The software hides its IP address and thus makes its users invulnerable and anonymous. That is precisely how an iTop VPN works.

How a VPN protects you! (Operating mode)

When you call up a website, there is a direct connection between your PC and the site server. In this way, the website operator learns, among other things, your IP address, which he can use to establish your identity. With a VPN, a VPN server is interposed in the connection. Data no longer flows directly from your PC to the server but is diverted through the VPN server.  

Important: Without a VPN, a website owner can determine the address of visitors to their site.

Simple solution: With the VPN, your IP address is disguised. You are anonymous.

Hide IP and surf securely in 3 steps.

 . Established providers such as iTop VPN are recommended for beginners and advanced users. iTop VPN users can use the VPN software on up to 6 devices (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, game console) in parallel. iTop VPN is compatible with all major streaming providers and does not practice logging (data storage). Data traffic is encrypted according to military security standards. In addition, iTop VPN’s VPN server network with 1800 servers is exceptionally stable and reliable.

Quick and easy: installation

Installing a VPN takes 3-5 minutes. Download the program if you want to install the VPN software on your PC. Then start the software and let it guide you through the installation. It’s simple and easy, even for non-professionals. If you want to install the VPN on your mobile phone, download the provider’s app and start the installation.

Launch the VPN and surf anonymously.

To surf safely, launch the VPN program. No complicated settings are required. One click on “Start VPN connection” is enough, and the VPN software connects to a VPN server near you. Now you surf anonymously and with an encrypted connection. Your identity is now optimally protected against spying, hackers, and other dangers on the Internet.

How to find the best VPN provider?

The VPN market is increasing, and the number of offers is increasing. It is, therefore, difficult to find the right VPN provider. Established and versatile providers such as iTop VPN are recommended for beginners and advanced users. Users can use the software on up to 7 devices in parallel, whether PC/Mac, tablets, smartphones, or game consoles. iTop VPN works on computers with Linux and is compatible with almost all streaming providers. In addition, data traffic is encrypted according to the highest security standards. With 7,000 servers, iTop VPN’s VPN server network is uniquely stable and reliable.