Shooting is an American pastime, it’s undeniable. Citizens up and down the country have a passion for the sport, some hunting and others shooting targets. If you have a loved one who’s enthusiastic about shooting and they have a special occasion coming up, then it’s obvious that you need to get them a gift pertaining to their hobby.

However, most shooters already have everything they could ever need which makes buying gifts for them complicated. This post will simplify gift giving for you, telling you what to get your relative:

Gifting Holster

In some states, it is legal to carry a concealed firearm. In others permit holders can actually carry open firearms. If your loved one is a firearms fanatic and the state that they live in permits concealed or open carry, consider investing in a holster. The act of wearing a concealed gun holster can be exciting and liberating. It can make people feel great, mentally and physically. Before investing in a holster do your research and make sure carrying a firearm outside is legal in your loved one’s state. Gifting them a holster they cannot use will upset them.

Buying Weapons

Naturally, the best kind of gift you can give a person who’s obsessed with firearms is a new weapon. If you can’t think of a rifle, pistol, or shotgun that they would be interested in or don’t already have – get them something else like a crossbow. Automatic crossbows can be just as lethal as firearms, making them a perfect option for hunters or those obsessed with self-defense. Alternatively, you could invest in a bow and arrow. Bow and arrow hunting has become immensely popular among hunters today; you do need a special permit for bow and arrow hunting in most states, however.

Beginner’s Books

Even experienced hunters and shooters have areas of the sport that they are not experts in. Many shooters are only comfortable with close-range combat because that’s what is mainly taught in classes and on gun ranges. A long-range beginner’s book could be an effective way for you to teach your loved one about a new style of shooting. Long-range shooting is the best kind for hunting, as it enables you to make kills over much greater distances. It is a lot easier to take down a target from afar; animals find it harder to spot hunters when they are further away.

Buying Scope

While many shooters are not comfortable making long-distance shots, some are. If your relative is experienced with a gun and is comfortable taking shots at long range, why not buy a new scope for them? There are some extremely high-quality scopes on the market right now. To find one that your loved one is going to like, do some digging and get an idea of what kind of scope they prefer, as well as find out what they already have and do not have. Learning about what scopes they already own will prevent you from buying them the same thing twice.

Shooting Classes

Not everybody interested in the shooting has actually picked up and used a gun. Some people appreciate it but do not have the means to take classes or get a permit. If your relative’s down on their luck and can’t pursue their passion, why not buy them some lessons on a gun range? In addition to getting them shooting lessons, you could pay for their permit, once they become qualified. A safety course is essential before obtaining a permit in most states anyway, so you’ll be doing them a favor by signing them up for classes.

Hard Case

Most hunters use rifles or shotguns. If your relative is a hunter, then buy them a hard case. Carrying firearms around in anything other than a hard case is dangerous and in some places, against the law. Some states do not allow people to carry weapons unless they are locked inside a hard case. Having a hard case will also prevent your relative’s firearm from being damaged during transit. Find out your loved one’s preferred hunting weapon and buy them a case designed to fit exactly that.

Waterproof Tent

Many gun enthusiasts are also avid outdoorsmen. If your loved one enjoys hiking, camping, and outdoor pursuits, then why not invest in some equipment for them to take on hunting trips? A waterproof tent is a great idea, as it gives your relative somewhere to stay while they wait for animals to show up. It can be hard to accurately predict rainfall, especially in many of America’s northern states, so buying a waterproof one will prevent them from getting caught in unexpected downpours. You may also want to invest in some waterproof clothing and a sleeping bag.

Rifle Sling

Another great gift for hunters is the rifle sling, a handy tool that’ll allow your loved ones to carry their rifles with them comfortably. Rifles can be heavy, so carrying them around can be tiresome, especially when hiking long distances. Gifting your loved one a sling will mean that they have somewhere comfortable to store the rifle in transit, saving them the trouble of having to haul it around. Rifle slings are great gifts to give in combination with holsters, as then your loved one will be able to carry their sidearm with them in a comfortable place too.

Range Membership

Not everybody interested in guns is a hunter. Some people just shoot for fun, nothing more. If your loved one enjoys shooting but isn’t down on killing animals, consider buying them a membership to a local gun range. Gun club membership will give your loved one something to do in their spare time. It’ll also help them to make friends, which can be hard today considering how polarizing the subject of guns is. Some people will outright sever ties with long-term friends if they discover they are interested in firearms. A gun club will give your loved one a safe and non-judgmental place to meet people.

Hunting and shooting are very popular hobbies, in America and elsewhere. If you have a loved one interested in either, then buying them a gift shouldn’t be difficult. You can either ask them what they want outright or use the tips given here. Make sure your loved one has a firearm license before buying them any shooting-related gifts.