sup3r5 com Reviews – Is the site legitimate?

Do you know the site that helps you buy the different consoles online? Well, in this blog you will get the details about it.

sup3r5 com Reviews helps users to understand the various features of the site. Customers should also know that the site will deliver their products safely to the door within the specified period.

The site works in the United States. Players will find the place to be an important one because they will get various consoles.

What is the site about?

We see that the site offers users various game consoles. The game consoles are developed by the developers keeping in mind the requirements of the users. sup3r5 com Reviews shows that apart from this, the team works with great people who have made a great effort to meet the technological level of recent times.

The products are retro inspired. The team has produced the products themselves using neat techniques and designs

The team takes care of the quality they produce and also considers safety requirements. The products available on the site are Sony brand.

Additionally, users should be aware of the various unique product features available on the site. So for this, readers need to read ahead.

What’s so special about the site based on sup3r5 com reviews?

We know that players have bought a lot of Play Station 5 since its launch, but it is not as available online yet. In order to meet the requirements of the players and provide them with the consoles, this site is beneficial.

The site offers to open the pre-order offers on its site from January 2021. This will apply to both the PS5 and the controller that is available on the site.

Along with this we also see that the product is in limited edition. Therefore, the price of the product remains at $ 649 for online purchases.

sup3r5 com Reviews show that the site makes it clear on their page that they will not offer any warranty for the controller as it needs to be disassembled. Apart from this, the site also mentions that they would work to provide the security and protection measures so that there are no scams when the pre-order is started.

In order to know the site in detail, regarding its pros, cons, and specifications regarding users, you should read ahead.


• Product: game consoles and controllers

• Email: [email protected]

• Address: Not mentioned

• Domain age: 12/30/2020

• Contact: not provided

• Shipping: No details

• Delivery: No information

• Returns: Returns are strictly not allowed

• Payments: PayPal, credit and debit cards


• Reservation function

• Two-way controller available as per sup3r5 com reviews

• High quality consoles

• Easy delivery


• No returns

• No reviews available

• Very new site

Is the site legitimate?

We see that the web portal has been active since 12/30/2020. It is a very new site and was recently created. We did not find the essential details on the site, such as contact, address, shipping, etc.

The trust of the site is not good and is very superficial. Also, since it is a new site, site reviews are not available on the Internet. Therefore, we cannot consider it a safe site. But it is too early to conclude.

Customer feedback according to sup3r5 com Reviews:

We have reviewed the site as well as the details about it on the internet. We found out that the site was recently created and has only been active since the last few days.

Also, to trust a site, customers must see the reviews of the site. There are no reviews as such on the internet or on the site.

Furthermore, details about the website and about purchases are not mentioned; it cannot be considered genuine.

One more drawback of the site is that it does not offer a guarantee, nor is there a return option for purchases.

Additionally, Sony Company does not provide services to this site.

Final verdict:

We cannot consider the site as valid, since it has been working for less than a month. Without knowing the quality of the products in sup3r5 com Reviews that the customer will receive, customers from the United States will not be able to buy anything.

Therefore, we cannot recommend the site to users to purchase products. Let us know your thoughts on the content.