By building a web portal, you may expand how your company communicates with its customers and shares information, deals, and special announcements. Creating one can help your business run smoothly after a cloud migration when you’ve just begun a software upgrading project.  Using a web portal, you can make it easier for your clients, workers, suppliers, collaborators, patients, and/or members to sign in and communicate with your business safely and individually. It will enable you to deliver better customer service, streamline business operations, and is simple to manage.

Here is your guide to web portal development, including information on what you’ll need to build one.

A web portal 

A web portal is an online location where organized information may be accessed safely and conveniently. To view their profiles as participants, users typically need to log in. So, without the need for authentication, portals can be made publicly accessible for free.    

How does it function?

A web portal typically gathers data from several sources and arranges it in a single place so users can view it. Additionally, it can be displayed as categorized data, links, services, and dynamic components. Thus, the data that each user gets through a portal (such as an e-commerce portal, a bespoke web portal, etc.) is frequently tailored according to what they require to learn about the platform.

Time Frame for Development

Your needs and level of experience in the web portal building business will determine the response to this inquiry. So, It can take anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks to see an early version and 2 to 5 months to have a functioning portal application. 

Design and Develop a Website Portal

To avoid making mistakes, it is wise to consult an expert web portal development service before starting a project of this nature.

How to Build a Web Portal 

Here is an outline of the general steps involved in web portal development. 

1. The planning phase

You must first establish for whom, why, and when you are developing the online gateway. Additionally, you must describe your plan to make the data accessible, tailored to the requirements of stakeholders, safe, and current. 

2. Web portal design

This stage involves more than just implementing UI/UX best practices and web portal styling. It also entails creating the web portal architecture and establishing its navigation.   

beginning of web portal development

A web-accessible platform with a variety of services that users can utilize as needed is the main goal of developers. Some many different platforms and technologies can be used to create portal services and programs, including:

  • databases like Cassandra (NoSQL), Oracle (SQL), MySQL (SQL), and AWS (cloud)
  • Tools for processing data in real-time, including Amazon Kinesis, Analytics, etc.
  • Cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean, among others, are used for back-end applications 
  • Mobile platforms like IOS, Android, Flutter, and Cordova Front-end technologies like the latest version of HTML Meteor, and Angular CMSs like WordPress, Magento, and Salesforce. 
  • Your needs and prior success building effective portals will determine the technology or platform you should select.  

Increase integrations

This phase entails integrating the tools that you or your users will require to complete their tasks into the portal. Thus, depending on your use case, this can need either SaaS solutions or specialized applications.  

5. The test phase

Expert developers check portal apps before launch to identify any flaws, unmet demands, or instability problems.  

6. Launch the website portal

All previously highlighted difficulties have been fixed in the initial version of the new portal application, which is ready for testing with a small number of important users.

7. Track performance and make necessary adjustments.

It’s time to expand the portal’s user base and keep an eye on its efficiency in actual time if it satisfies your key performance indicators and criteria. Again, working with a top-notch portal application development firm may assist you in building a simple portal that won’t cost you time, money, or user goodwill.  

Some challenges in web portal development

Web portals provide several benefits. However, you might run into a few issues.

Businesses Lack a Management Model

Do you have an accountable staff in place to maintain and update the web portal’s content? Who takes charge typically determines whether a platform succeeds or fails. As various intranet sections are given to various departments, it can occasionally become a problem.

The features of portals are difficult to use and are outdated.

If data is out-of-date, staff members may likely give clients false information, advisers won’t have access to crucial resources, etc. So, the user experience suffers from each of these deficiencies.

company undervalues the difficulty and cost of developing a new portal

Are the right people engaged in the project? Their time and financial resources are what? Has anyone investigated this? A successful outcome is impossible to achieve without all four variables.

The end-user is not considered when organizations design a new portal

Another common error is web portal development without considering the demands of the end user.

inadequate training

The advisers aren’t in a rush to use the online portal even if it is ready. Typically, this indicates that there was no adequate strategy for employees’ education and training.

Cost of web portal development?

Depending on the precise capabilities you’d like your portal to offer for you and your visitors, your web portal construction prices will change. So, it is recommended to connect with a professional web portal development service for this reason. Give them a rundown of what you want the portal to perform for people using it and your company. A reputable vendor will provide you with an estimate you can utilize to create a budget for your portal application that takes all your requirements into account, including accessibility, safety, and more.  


There are surely many obstacles to face throughout the lengthy procedure. However, the procedure should be beneficial and help to increase the utility of the portal when it is carried out appropriately and by experts.