There are several factors that one needs to address while choosing the college which a person would like to join as a student. For some, it might be all pre-planned and a relatively easy decision, however, there are several students who struggle to choose a college of their preference even after choosing which course they would like to pursue. Candidates must aim for choosing a college that can assist them in both their personal and professional objectives that are essential for their success. In addition to this, they must decide the elements that are most essential to their lifestyle and what they want to gain from higher education. After discovering these characteristics, candidates should compile a list of their preferred colleges and start their research towards comparing them.

When it comes to Ayurveda, one such college that fulfills all the student criteria is Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine. It is a Central Council and Ministry of Ayush certified ayurvedic college in Bhopal. This ayurvedic college in MP offers Bachelor’s degree in ayurvedic medicine and surgery. Candidates looking for a good ayurvedic college should apply to this ayurvedic medical college in Bhopal.

This article provides a step-by-step procedure to the aspiring ayurvedic doctors on how to choose the best ayurvedic college suiting all their requirements.

  1. Certifications and Affiliations- Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College, Bhopal is among one of the best private ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal. It has earned a number of affiliations and certifications from the following-
  1. Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi;
  2. Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India;
  3. Madhya Pradesh Medical Health Science University, Jabalpur (M.P)

Affiliations grant colleges respect and fame to a certain extent, depending on the services and resources they offer. It is thus, a correct measure of telling how well the college has been doing and that it is really worthy of these certifications and affiliations. Being approved by the important councils and government ministries also makes the college eligible to be considered as among the best educational institutions in that respective area. Affiliations also help colleges expand their network and give students the opportunity to connect with respectable alumni as well as other foreign universities that the college may have collaborated with.

  1. Faculty/Department of professors and teachers- The faculty are regarded as the foundation of every educational institution. Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College in Bhopal is known for achieving the distinction of being one of the best colleges in Bhopal/Madhya Pradesh owing to the tireless efforts of their faculty. All the faculty members are highly qualified, skilled and also experienced who are committed to the service of education, which forms an essential component of a good college. The main function of the faculty members is to highlight their importance in meeting the core educational purposes of universities and colleges. When good faculty members teach, they distribute and transmit fundamental or applied knowledge to students, as well as aid students with the learning process and the implementation of the said knowledge.
  1. Infrastructure and Equipment- The learning process is heavily reliant on infrastructure. The infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it meets all of the students’ needs. Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best private colleges because of its state of the art infrastructure, with well-equipped classrooms with projectors, labs and libraries. All departments offer highly trained and experienced faculty to help the students while using the laboratory tools and instruments. It also has a fully qualified hospital to provide the students with first-hand experience in the realm of Ayurveda. Candidates should focus on the infrastructure of the college prior to choosing the same because infrastructure is a critical component of a learning environment and high-quality infrastructure allows better education, increases positive student outcomes, lowers dropout rates and provides many other advantages.
  1. Lodging and Accommodation- Students are encouraged by the authorities of Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College to opt for the hostel accommodation provided by them. There are separate hostels for boys and girls accommodating as many as 300 students. Hostels are designed in such a way that it brings about a homely feeling and the students feel safe at all times.
  1. Mess and Nutrition- Food and proper nutrition form an important component in the checklist of students while deciding on which college to join. Nutritional requirements differ from individual to individual. The Mess authorities keep a note of that and make sure that every student gets the required nutrition along with vitamins and supplements if needed. A compilation of carbohydrate, fat, proteins, minerals, water etc. are the current diet classification of Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College. The mess also serves protein milk and vegetables regularly. It offers pure vegetarian food. In addition to this, students have full-time access to the multi-cuisine canteen inside the campus.
  1. Water- The usage of pure water is highly emphasized among Ayurvedic students and others are also cautioned not to use polluted water. Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College guarantees purified water free from germs for everyone present on campus at all times. The campus has several centralized RO plants and centralized water coolers to facilitate the same.
  1. Health and Sanitation- In the times of Covid-19, sanitation and cleanliness are the topmost priority for all the staff at Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College, Bhopal. Candidates must always choose a college that gives importance to their health, not only physically but also mental health. Colleges should provide sufficient care coupled with the necessary medical assistance under the supervision of qualified doctors. In addition to this, they must also place counsellors at every department for prioritizing the mental wellbeing of their students. Regular health checkups of candidates should also be made mandatory.

These are some ways by which candidates can narrow down their options and select the college which satisfactorily completes all their conditions, requirements and demands. There are also several other factors such as location, fees etc. that they must keep in mind before choosing a college.