Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for babies and kids. Their Learn to Swim program provides uninterrupted training throughout 49 weeks a year, giving students ample opportunity to move through levels quickly.

Learn to Swim

Are You An Adult Looking to Learn Swimming? Our Experienced Swim Instructors Can Teach You the Essentials of Water Safety and Survival Our beginner level classes offer everything from treading water and floating using different techniques, to learning to kick and basic elementary backstroke movements – giving you confidence to jump into the pool and retrieve sunken toys if age appropriate!

Seahorse group classes provide our youngest students, from six months to two and a half years old, with the chance to interact with an instructor during interactive lessons with small group lessons that encourage parent or grandparent participation and bonding during learning together. Young children learn bubble blowing skills as well as becoming comfortable floaters while an instructor facilitates the class with songs designed to engage.

At Baby Swim Lessons of Australia we teach our kids how to swim joyfully. Our baby swimming lessons run throughout the year to support uninterrupted learning and help kids move quickly through levels.

Once your child completes Turtle 1, they will be able to glide across longer distances with minimal assistance and begin front and back kicks without support from an instructor. In addition, we’ll introduce them to streamline – an efficiency technique which improves water performance while helping them swim faster!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons offer many advantages for young learners. Not only is it fun and social activity, but the health benefits can be tremendously advantageous too! Swimming provides gentle yet low impact exercise that strengthens and extends endurance as well as flexibility; helps protect heart and lung health and can even relieve stress!

Babies can begin their aquatic education as early as four months old, experiencing all of the fun and excitement that the water provides while building relationships with it for life. Contrary to popular belief, babies don’t typically learn how to swim until after turning one year old!

In 2018 drowning caused death in children aged 0-5 years declined, though it still remained the primary cause of accidental deaths. Teaching your child early how to swim will provide them with greater chances of survival should an emergency situation arise that involves water.

Swimming class Cranbourne for babies aged 4 months to 5 years, we provide small classes led by qualified swim instructors for optimal learning environments. With warm pools that make learning comfortable for even the youngest learners, they quickly adapt to new temperatures compared to bath-time at home.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an invaluable lifesaving skill that should be introduced to children as early as possible. Not only is it enjoyable and wholesome exercise for the body, it is an integral component of child development that may prevent water borne illnesses like pneumonia.

Kids Swim lessons provide an enjoyable and friendly learning environment for children of all ages and ability. With small group classes to ensure every child receives the attention they require, our lessons offer something suitable for beginners as well as experienced competitive swimmers wishing to enhance their skills. We have something for all.

Continued swimming lessons over winter is essential to a child’s development. Without lessons during this period, children can struggle to maintain their level when they return from holiday break, taking longer than expected to advance through levels as they must relearn skills they’ve forgotten over this period.

By keeping your children up-to-date with their weekly lesson throughout the holidays, they will not only gain back lost skills but be better prepared for summer fun! Our holiday programs can also serve as extra sessions for children who are moving up a level to give them confidence boost.

Adult Swimming Lessons

From backyard pool parties to beach vacations, our adult classes give you the confidence and skills you need for water activities. Whether it’s your first time swimming or you just need a refresher course, our experienced instructors are on hand to find you the right class to meet your needs.

Starting to swim as an adult can be daunting, which is why we provide an accommodating environment where you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed for enjoying time in the water. Swimming lessons Cranbourne take place in warm-water pools with low student-to-teacher ratios for optimal learning at your own pace.

Your will learn the fundamentals of swimming and water safety such as breathing while floating, body positioning in the water, short distance navigation safely through it all and deep-water survival techniques such as treading water and recovering from falls in deep-water environments.

Swimmers who can float both backwards and frontwards, move their arms through the water and swim forwards are ready for this level. In this stage, swimmers will develop survival float, front crawl and elementary backstroke swimming skills. A water test should be performed so as to determine which class a swimmer belongs in.