Spinomenal’s Universe Series Overview

The movie industry has changed, and Spinomenal is keeping up with it. In the movie industry, the producers are now bent on building universes—they keep viewers enthralled, and it is easier to retain viewers this way. In the world of gambling, Spinomenal is doing the same. 

Spinomenal is one of the leading game developers for iGaming in the world. Recently, it announced a revolutionary way to play, which is through a shared universe of games. For now, three titles are part of this shared universe.

These titles are:

  • Demi Gods IV: Thunderstorm
  • Wolf Fang: Iron Wolf
  • Majestic King: Sunset

The launch of the games will happen in May, and they will be a part of a tournament campaign. The campaign will also serve as the grand premier of these three new exciting games. Eventually, players will be able to access these games on casino sites like Vulkan Vegas.

What happens in this universe is that fans of slot machines will be able to see their favourite characters in a different setting. For example, if you like the wolf in Iron Fang, you will get to see the same character in Majestic King.  

The project is the first of its kind, and Spinomenal is taking the lead for this innovation. The games are made with state-of-the-art technology, and the company is ready to provide new promotions in the near future.

These three games that are part of the launch are sequels. There were originals that came before them, and the originals were huge successes. To promote the new series, Spinomenal will hold slot tournaments. 

In a slot tournament, players will have to keep on spinning the reels. There is a prize pool to be shared among the top winners. Slot tournaments vary in rules. Some may win because they had the biggest prizes, while some may win based on the number of spins or money they spent.

This new genre, called Spinomenal Universe, is a scheme to improve player retention levels. Once players get familiar with characters, they are more likely to play other slot machines where they would see some of the same characters.

The universe will also become a new world that players can explore. In the future, Spinomenal will offer a game where the players should be able to control their destinies. It is also likely that the players will be able to have control over how the story would unfold. 

The Chief Operation Officer of Spinomenal Nir Ronen said that it was not uncommon for players to adore specific characters that they can relate to. As a result, the company decided to take advantage of this. They wanted to make their leading characters take part in leading a new era of iGaming. This time, players can immerse themselves in multiple ways. 

The Slot Machines

There are three slot machines in the universe, and it is just apt that we take a look at each one: 

Demi Gods IV: Thunderstorm

Demi Gods IV: Thunderstorm is a 6-reel slot that has four rows. What makes it different is that some symbols combine to cover two or more slots in the grid. 

Here are the game’s special features:

  • Wild symbol
  • Win multiplier
  • Synced Reels
  • Power Spin
  • Special Symbols
  • Free Spins

In this game, you are aiming for landing the medium symbols that can pay anywhere between 25 and 1,000 coins. The game has 46 paylines, and all pays are only from left to right. 

Wolf Fang: Iron Wolf

Wolf Fang: Iron Wolf has no demo version yet. However, we are under the assumption that important changes will happen in the original game. Demi Gods IV has taken a massive change for the better, and Spinomenal will surely create Wolf Fang as a better slot than Demi Gods IV

In the original, Wolf Fang is a 5×3 slot machine that showcases animals in the woods. It has a Buy Feature where you activate free spins instead of waiting for them to trigger on a random basis. The original Wolf Fang has wild symbols, free spins and stacked symbols. The medium symbols are what you are gunning for, as they pay from 20 to 1,000 coins. 

Majestic King: Sunset

Like Wolf Fang, this game is not yet available, so we all have to wait just a little longer. In the original, the game is about a white lion. Like Wolf Fang, you can buy a feature where you will trigger between 10 and 40 free spins. When you buy the bonus feature, you will spin a wheel where the slices determine how many free spins you get. The game also has a free spins symbol. Land three of them anywhere on the reels, and you will spin the free spin wheel bonus.

Fans surely cannot wait until all three games are available. While Demi Gods is up and coming, it makes much more sense once people have seen the three games in action—and it is truly the time when people can say whether the universe of slots is worth partaking with or not.