Spimbey – Party planning for a Little Girl’s Princess Party

If you would like your little girl to feel like a princess for a day, why not throw her a princess party? This type of party is perfect for little girls aged pre-school through about fourth grade. Depending upon the maturity of your child and their friends who will be in attendance.

When you throw a princess party, you can assure your child to feel treated like royalty. This is also the moment where you make all her wishes come true, within reason of course. A princess party is one she is sure to remember and treasure for the rest of her life.

The first step for throwing the perfect princess party is to make sure to pick the proper decoration. Also, you must think of the activities and food that will complement your party. The idea is to have everything related to the princess theme.

Take out a sheet of paper and a pen, and start taking notes. You could try brainstorming ideas of what you can use to meet your own home and specific needs. This will help you create a shopping list for your party. Remember to estimate a timeline to get everything accomplished.

As for decor, about anything goes to decorate your castle, otherwise known as your home. Using a lot of pink and purple is always a good choice for a princess party. You can use pastel pink and purple streamers and balloons. Make sure to have a matching tablecloth and napkins.

For a nice added touch you can use complementary colored plates and cups. You can also tie your napkins with a nice fancy ribbon which is only fit for a princess and her castle. Small details mean big memories for your little girl!

If you have pink or purple fabric on hand, you can use it to cover your party room chairs with it. As an extra, tie them into big bows at the back. If you do not have any fabric, check your local thrift stores for a sheet in the right color. You can cut it up and use it for the day.

Now let’s think of your princess party invitations. For this, you can ask your guests to come dressed in their best princess-themed outfits. You could ask them to come as their favorite Disney princess! Don’t forget to add the date, time, and location of the party. If you want you can use related phrases like “Once upon a time” or the popular “Happily ever after”.

Or, let them come in their everyday clothing and add to their outfit when they arrive. You can buy low-priced feather boas and crowns. The girls can wear them during the party and then take them home afterward. Children love to take home a birthday party souvenir!

Another great idea is to buy simple tulle skirts. These can transform their outfit into one fit for a princess. Additionally, you could have each guest in pink while the guest of honor is in purple or vice versa.

When your guests arrive, you can have them decorate their own princess cone party hats.  They can use items like gems, confetti, and feathers. The best part is that you can get these from the local dollar or discount store for the purpose.

Once they finish decorating, you can staple on streamers or ribbons to the top of the hat. This will make a cool effect of movement or twirl while they’re running around. Try to make them sparkly!

Is a must for every birthday party to have games! A fun game to play is “Princess May I?”. This is the same as the old traditional game “Mother May I?”. Have the guest of honor be the princess and allow her to play the role of the mother in the more traditional game.

Other great princess party games are:

  • Decor the castle: You can let the invitees work out their imagination! Let them decorate a playhouse with a bunch of princess-themed items. The Spimbey Play House Grande has the perfect fit for this idea.
  • Find the Princess: For this, you will only need a printer. All you need to do is print a big princess puzzle and hide the pieces around. The goal is for them to find them and complete the princess puzzle. Spimbey’s Play Deck can be great to make sure to keep this activity in a controlled safe place.

Great! You finished planning your craft project and games. Now it’s time to seat your princess on her own thrown to enjoy a nice tea party. The best foods to serve are sandwiches cut into hearts or stars with cookie cutters.

The beverage of choice could be a pink lemonade served in either fancy plastic glasses or in teacups. Your cake can either be a princess or a castle. Both options are easy to make, yet, you can buy them if you so choose.

If your local stores carry piñatas, you can fill one. Use candy such as gold chocolate coins, ring lollypops, and candy necklaces. This will help round out the theme and give the girls something fun to do. They can take home the candy from the piñata in their very own princess goodie bags.

  • Some other things to add to your princess-themed piñata are:
  • Pink or purple plastic toy rings
  • Mini bags of cookies or crackers.
  • Plastic wands and tiaras.
  • Individually wrapped candies.
  • Princess mini bottle of bubbles.
  • Glow sticks.