Space-Saving Warehouse Storage Solutions

With the skyrocketing demand that drives lower availability and higher rents, warehouse storage is vital in most states and countries. Businesses should look for approaches to do more with less by making the most out of Elbowroom and warehouse space usage. 

However, if your warehouse is nearly close to capacity, doing so can be difficult. However, nearly all businesses can increase the amount of storage area available to them with a bit of resourcefulness. Listed below are some of the best options you can use to improve efficiency, free up space, and make a room that you never thought you needed. 

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Build Higher Racks

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best one, which businesses can usually apply for their warehouses. And that includes constructing higher rack shelving. If you incorporate an additional shelving level to their racks, many warehouses can make a more spacious new storage area. 

It’s indeed vital to remember that this hack comes with safety caveats. Don’t forget to determine the maximum weight rating and maximum height that the manufacturer recommended for your rack equipment, and make sure not to overbuild. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your safety to add more storage space. Remember that it’s still better to be safe than sorry.  

Remove Dead Inventory

Nearly all warehouses have dead inventory that is not worth storing anymore. This inventory is either extremely slow-moving, obsolete or damaged. If you still keep it, it can consume many areas you could use otherwise for more important inventory. Because of that, it’s crucial to start cleaning it out to free up some essential space that you can eventually use to store active inventory. Then, perform an inventory audit and take a look at your inventory that performs the least and reassess whether you can eliminate it to free up your much-needed Elbowroom. 

Assess Your Warehouse and Slotting Flow

Before you make big changes to your warehouse’s physical layout, try to observe and assess how it is organized. A quite simple slotting system reorganization may be able to improve your efficiency and space. 

Like an ABC system, a slotting system can help boost the pick times of the employee and provide you easy access to the essential SKUs whenever you need them. Another option you can do that’s perfect for warehouses with many slow-moving SKUs is to switch to double-deep storage. 

Obtain the Right Storage Equipment

If a warehouse does not have the proper storage equipment, it will be at a disadvantage in space utilization. When your warehouse has not considered switching to the right Elbowroom and storage solutions, then now is the best time to have your storage corrected with the appropriate storage equipment. 

If your warehouse is storing hazardous items, it’s particularly vital to have the right storage equipment. Run a hazmat storage procedure audit and guarantee that they follow the established by local, state and federal hazmat storage regulations. 

Remember that the key to getting access to a wide range of warehouse storage equipment and Elbowroom solutions is to find a reputable company that offers great storage solutions, such as hazmat storage materials like drum rack systems, hazmat warning labels, spill control pallets, hazmat warning placards, and flammables safety cabinets.