Southwest50 com – Southwest Airlines Declares June 18 As Wanna Get Away

Engraving June 18, 2021, on your timetables as Wanna Get Away Day. This date notices Southwest Airlines’ 50th celebration. You can win a part of 50 million Rapid Rewards centers. Plus, starting here until June 18, 2021, you can similarly enter to win step by step prizes of in any occasion 50 Rapid Rewards centers.

Win Up To 50,000 Rapid Rewards

From June 1, 2021, to June 17, 2021, Rapid Rewards people can enter and win a step by step prize worth up to 50,000 miles.

The step by step prize options include:

50 centers (5,000 victors)

100 centers (1,000 victors)

250 centers (250 victors)

500 centers (100 victors)

1,000 centers (10 champs)

50,000 centers (1 champ)

It’s achievable to enter each day to win one of the step by step prize draws.

Wanna Get Away Day Sweepstakes

The prizes are unfathomably improved for the most recent day of the sweepstakes out of appreciation for Wanna Get Away Day.

Entering the most recent day’s giveaway can permit you to win one of these prizes:


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Prize Rapid Rewards (100 face up to 1 million core interests)

$500 Southwest blessing voucher

Southwest Airlines Promotional Companion Pass and 25,000 Rapid Rewards extra core interests

The Companion Pass is generous until December 31, 2022. Fifty members can win the pass and 25k centers reward.

If you in like manner wind up being flying Southwest on June 18, Southwest specialists will be giving sporadic explorers phenomenal enrichments. There will in like manner be in-terminal giveaways and spring up photo openings all through the test period.

The best strategy to Play

Take an interest in the test is straightforward. You ought to have a working Rapid Rewards reliability record to play, yet no purchase is significant.

Follow these methods step by step to win anticipated prizes:


Snap “Enter Now” button

Submit individual and Rapid Rewards investment nuances

Snap the stuff to check whether you win

You should repeat this association consistently. The non-winning entries from prior days don’t turn over as segments for future days.

The prizes are time-developed and the essential member to introduce their nuances at the opportune time wins the prize. Each timetable day shuts down at 11:58 pm Pacific Time.

It doesn’t appear to be this test is authentic in Alaska, Puerto Rico and various spots denied by law. The power challenge terms and conditions are found here.


This is an invigorating strategy to get some award Rapid Rewards and possibly a blessing voucher or Companion Pass. More people are flying, and the extra centers can be critical for a pre-summer trip or for later this fall.