Some Key Concepts Of IDN Poker Plus Pros And Cons

IDN Poker Skins

Over 200 skins support IDN Play products. The network’s traffic has soared as a result of this tremendous growth. In addition, there is a lack of information in the English language on many of them.

Difference Between Skins

From a player’s point of view, the only things that set out the different “skins” of IDN Poker are the languages supported and the various banking options. However, after you have logged in, the client remains the same; the only difference is in the logo.

How to Choose the Right Skin

Players in Asia have a simple decision: they should go with their local provider, who will give them access to the games. However, international consumers are required to use agents to participate in the games. In this situation, it is of the utmost importance to investigate the history of your business partner, as he will be the one responsible for processing all deposits and withdrawals.

IDN Poker Rakeback

To be clear, IDN Play does not provide any VIP or Rakeback program to international players. In the case of cashback and welcome incentives, however, you must rely on your agent to handle these matters. Please keep in mind that the promos on Asian poker sites are quite different from those on other sites. Your welcome bonus may be issued by turnover and not rake, and you’ll be able to pick the proportion of the bonus you’ll get.

IDN Poker Software 

IDN Poker’s software is one of the main downsides. Most poker rooms, even those with mobile applications, now provide more than just an in-browser client. Many skins, such as ShenPoker, have a module that connects to IDN servers so that when players check in, they are greeted with a window displaying the IDN logo and the poker room lobby.

The client’s design is quite simple, and it’s not at all contemporary. Filters aren’t accessible. However, there are buttons for the various games, and the tables may be adjusted according to the number of seated participants. Playing without huge distractions is a good reason to use table themes, which are old-fashioned but still useful.

Mobile Client

IDNPlay has an Android client, essentially a mobile-optimized version of the web browser client. Any mobile platform (iOS, Android) may use the web browser client without issue.

Pros and Cons

IDN Poker is not a network that everyone should join. The European and American markets are very different from those in Asia. Thus this game may not be the first pick for everyone there. Bumhunters and those willing to take a risk in return for playing on the softest pitch ever are more than welcome.


  • Real Asian traffic with casual players at each of the available tables
  • WPD provides safe entry, and Rakeback
  • There are almost 20,000 links.


  • Basic web-browser client
  • Shady past
  • Unclear licensing


No, IDN Play’s past isn’t a fanciful fairytale. They have never utilized social media or promoted their services to the English-speaking market, even though their client and website are completely translated into this language. Marketing campaigns in local marketplaces have led to their rise in popularity. Despite this, they performed a terrific job participating in Asian gaming conventions and conducting charitable activities.