Solar Panel Home Heating Systems: What You Need to Know

People typically misperceive solar panels as simply tools for producing electricity; as a result, many remain unaware of their heating benefits. Solar panels produce direct energy for use as heat generators; however, solar cells also create various forms of thermal radiation to warm different buildings throughout a community.

In that vein, today’s article takes a look at a unique way in which solar energy can be utilised in the household. Read on to discover what you need to know about solar panel home heating systems.

What Are the Different Solar Panel Heating Systems?

As far as solar panels go, their solar energy conversion into heat can be accomplished via various mechanisms. These forms the foundation for three distinct solar panel heating systems including:

1. Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar panel heating systems can be utilized for many uses, one being water heating. Solar water heating offers an alternative method of warming homes – using thermal energy from the sun’s energy for water warming in circulation throughout a household.

TActive and passive solar hot water systems exist. While active systems deal with pumps and controls, passive systems rely on pressure from gravity for regular circulation.

2. Solar Space Heating Systems

With a bigger roof space and more collectors, your solar water heating systems can be converted into a space heater where, as you’d guess, your home is heated through the energy generated by thesolar panels Florida. The mechanism involves heating water and air as well, which is then circulated in the household. 

And just like the hot water system, solar space heating involves active and passive forms. The active system consists of the use of pumps and controllers. However, the passive system deals with collectors that trap the solar energy, convert it to heat, and circulate it to the household.

The great thing about this system is its energy cost saving. In essence, you can reduce the money you spend on heating your household.

3. Solar Pool Heating Systems

Another way to harness thermal energy is through solar pool heating. It’s not so different from the other two systems, but instead of just trapping heat, the pool water is pumped through the collectors. As the pool water runs through the collectors, it is heated. The collectors are similar in appearance to photovoltaic cells but with space inside for water.

And with proper maintenance, the solar pool systems can last for up to two decades.

Adding Solar Heating Systems to Your Home

The significant benefits of solar heating revolve around the huge savings you can make from applying those systems to your household. With the reduced dependence on the power grid, you can effectively cut down on bills while still enjoying energy at a reasonable rate.

So, to get started, contact Solar Co to get the best solar heating system components and give your home the warmth it needs.