Sodo Promotion

Sodo promotions are still the most popular category in this online betting system. Currently, the bookie is launching a series of different gratitude incentive programs to bring diversity in choices for members when receiving rewards. Join Sodo Casino to find out detailed information in the article below!

Overview of the house Sodo6789

Sodo Casino is one of the leading online bookmakers today when offering members hundreds of different extremely attractive online betting products. Members of the brand are always assured of safety, legality and confidentiality throughout the process of participating in betting. Because Sodo is a bookie that has received legal certification from international agencies, all services on the system always comply with the organization’s general regulations.

The brand offers players all 7 different betting categories, namely: Lottery, live casino, sports, card games, slots, shooting fish and redemption. All of them are the number 1 trending super products in the market and have been extremely popular over the years. Not stopping there, So Do is also one of the bookies that continuously provide members with thousands of different Sodo promotions to thank impressive players.

Some outstanding Sodo promotions

Just becoming an official member of Sodo, players have the opportunity to participate and receive rewards at thousands of different incentives. But to say that the most prominent and impressive must be mentioned are the following 4 incentive programs:

100% deposit bonus for new Sodo members

As a new member of the house, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the system’s promotions with 100% of your first deposit. Players only need to become a member to register for a betting account to be able to receive the bonus and with the first deposit to the betting wallet, 100% of the deposit will be double the deposit in your account.

Winning Lottery consecutively up to 388,000,000 VND

For members who participate in betting in categories such as Xoc disc, Bau crab, Dragon tiger, Tai faint, Super Speed ​​Lottery of all kinds, Northern Lottery of all forms, all have the opportunity to receive this promotion. The condition of this program is that your lowest bet must reach 200,000 VND. If you win consecutively on the respective games, you will receive the highest value of 388,000,000 VND with 38 games and 180,000 VND in 6 games.

Sodo promotion: One referral, millions in hand

All Sodo members only need to have a successful referral for friends and relatives to join and become a member of the house to receive a million dong winning bonus. However, the member you refer to needs to have a reasonable deposit history in order for the player to have the right to receive the corresponding bonus.

Within 1 week you refer to a player with a total deposit of at least 20,000,000, the player who introduces the casino will receive 350,000, the lottery player will receive 30,000. This number will multiply every month, the longer the referred member plays, the more money the referrer will receive and the maximum value will be 15,000,000.

Sports betting promotion up to VND 8,888,000

For members who participate in betting at the house’s sports hall, they have the opportunity to receive specific Sodo promotions as follows:

  • With a deposit of 100,000+ points or more, you will receive a bonus of 38,000.
  • Points loaded from 500,000+ receive 168,000 corresponding rewards.
  • Deposit into the wallet from 1,000,000 the amount of the bonus received will be 288,000.
  • Having a sports bet of 5,000,000 will multiply the bonus by 888,000.

Just like that, the more you deposit, the bigger the winning bonus, of which the largest value is to deposit 350,000,000 to receive a bonus of 8,888,000. The corresponding number of betting rounds will be 5 rounds and the method of receiving the reward will be to contact customer care 24/7.

Conditions to receive Sodo promotion bonus as prescribed

Participating in receiving preferential bonuses from the house is very simple and easy because members only need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • You must be an official member of the betting site in accordance with the general rules.
  • Each account can only receive Sodo offers 1 time in 1 program.
  • If Sodo detects that a member commits fraud, all bonuses and incentives will be forfeited.
  • The bonus will be loaded into the betting wallet as soon as the member completes the requirements of the program and contacts the house.


Above is all information related to the Sodo promotion program that we have compiled and reported to you. Hopefully, through these shares, you will have a successful hunt at