Social Media Listening Allows Businesses to Monitor Discussions around Their Brand and to Respond to Them

Social media listening is the process of detecting and interpreting activity and data from social networks. Monitoring software is used to identify trends, monitor customer conversations and increase brand reputation and presence. The solution allows marketers to send messages to the right audience based on the social media posts that users post about a business. It uses the techniques of natural language processing, statistical processing, and machine learning to detect marketing campaigns and user trends across all social media.

A social listening solution enables companies to have a comprehensive social listening solution. This plays an integral role in monitoring, collecting and collating the feedback of consumers on various social media platforms. It tracks and identifies consumer activity in real-time, and identifies and addresses their queries.

NetBase Quid Purpose

The product provides a platform that enables the monitoring and reporting of social media activity and the relevant conversations on the social media platform. With the growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in India, companies are able to witness a faster growth in sales as social media platforms are helping them reach out to a larger target audience.

The biggest advantage of social media listening is the accuracy in monitoring discussions about your company, and the degree of granularity available to the user. In this way, social listening allows marketers to target audiences in order to drive results. Key benefits:

  • Listen to what people are talking about your company.
  • Track the growth of these conversations.
  • See the topic streams that are most popular and active.
  • Dig deeper by creating lists based on themes or channels to grow your own list of interested users.
  • Receive audience engagement reporting for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Social media listening analyzes the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms to gain market insights for your business. It includes monitoring engagement on social media to detect and respond to changes in customer sentiment.

NetBase Quid’s social media listening solution monitors the social media platforms and its services for potential crises, issues, and problems such as competition or product shortages. The solution ensures that businesses are responding appropriately and reaching out to affected customers in real-time.

Natural Language Processing

Social listening is the process of using advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to acquire data from social media, analyze it to determine sentiment, and deliver a report back to the organization. NetBase Quid has developed a single platform, solution and suite of products that allow for real-time social listening across multiple online channels. It is set up for efficient, automated and streamlined operations across all online channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Search, among others.

NetBase Quid solves this problem by providing insights into what people are sharing on social media based on deep semantic analysis of the data. The platform leverages AI and natural language processing to help businesses understand their followers and to measure social media effectiveness in real-time.

Internet of Things

In addition, NetBase Quid also uses the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver the ‘Internet of Insight’; that is the capability to understand the subtle and nuanced behavior of people in all aspects of their life.

It aids in accessing and analyzing online conversations and trending topics to derive insights that can lead to business growth. In fact, 90% of marketing professionals globally use social media to make decisions. This is driven by the fact that more consumers prefer to make purchasing decisions from social media and it will continue to grow in the years to come.

Predictive Analytics

Social media listening allows users to gain and enhance sales and customer experiences from one centralized dashboard. It allows anyone with access to an internet-connected device to gather, filter, organize, and monitor the data from social media platforms.

Using NetBase Quid, marketers can access the power of predictive analytics and ask the right questions to optimize ad campaigns, generate more traffic, measure conversions, and keep abreast of customer behaviors to better their businesses.