Skin Saver: The Aesthetic Medicine Treatment to Preserve the Health and Beauty of The Skin

The beauty of the skin is a direct expression of its health. And to keep the skin healthy, it is important to act simultaneously both from the outside and from the inside. In fact, to maintain the quality of the skin texture, a daily skincare routine appropriate to one’s skin and age is necessary, as well as a healthy and balanced diet, capable of providing the fundamental nutrients to support the physiological processes that are the basis of healthy skin.

When we talk about skin savers, we literally mean “safeguard” of the skin. It is assumed that, except for particular congenital problems, the skin is normally healthy when it is born, so what should be done is to preserve it by maintaining good daily habits.

Skin saver: why the treatment is useful

The skin saver treatment aims to preserve the health and beauty of the skin, so it is not only aimed at adult skin but also at younger skin. It can also be a valid support for other treatments to maintain hydration and firmness in more adult skin. In contrast, in young skin, it helps to eliminate expression lines, maintain deep hydration, preserve brightness and improve the texture of the fabric.

The skin saver treatment was conceived and developed in aesthetic medicine not so much as a method to eliminate the signs of skin aging but rather to delay their appearance while preserving the quality of the fabric.

The purpose is biostimulation is to maintain the characteristics of healthy skin over time, correcting the signs of aging if and when they appear. Aesthetic medicine, with the skin saver treatment, works on the quality of cells in the production of collagen and elastin and for the maintenance of the cellular matrix of hyaluronic acid and water. The quality of the skin is improved by optimizing the body’s natural physiological processes.

Skin saver treatment based on hyaluronic acid and glycerol

Hyaluronic acid directly stimulates the fibroblasts of the dermis to produce collagen and elastin, the two essential proteins in maintaining skin tone and elasticity. The particular cross-linked form, i.e., cross-linked, allows maintaining the result longer than hyaluronic acid in liquid form. In fact, the stimulation of the fibroblasts continues for 4-6 weeks because the reticulated structure allows the molecule to remain in the tissue, forming not small islands, but mixing homogeneously with the dermis and the hyaluronic acid already present, which is consequently reintegrated.

The association with glycerol is important for two reasons:

  • Maintain skin hydration: glycerol draws water from depth to the surface and retains it inside the dermis, which remains more hydrated, toned, and elastic;
  • It helps the hyaluronic acid to stay longer in the tissue, so it prolongs its action.

The treatment can be done at 25-30 years as a softer treatment to maintain skin freshness and brightness, as well as at 40-45 years in a more intense formulation to safeguard the quality of the skin.

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