Skill sets to look for when you hire a React Native developer

React Native is one of the most reliable mobile app development frameworks. It is cost-efficient, time-saving, and comes with a set of several ready-to-use components, making your work easier. This JavaScript-based framework enables developers to build cross-platform applications for both Android & iOS mobile platforms.

Originally developed and launched by Facebook, React Native is one of the most trending technologies among industry veterans like Walmart, Airbnb, Tesla, Netflix, and many more. It is no wonder it has great popularity among developers worldwide, which helps you to select & hire React Native developers for your projects.

React Native is undoubtedly an excellent framework to build mobile apps, but you also need to hire great developers to build exceptionally high-quality applications. A low-skilled developer will deliver poor results, so you will need to hire someone who is well-versed with React Native and the concept of creating easy-to-use and user-friendly applications.

But how would you know if the developer is good or not? What skills should you test while hiring a developer to see if they understand the concepts of React Native?

In this post, I’ll take you through the skills you should test while hiring a React Native developer to make your hiring process a lot easier.

Technical skills to look for when hiring a React Native developer

Technical skills will certainly allow you to differentiate between a professional React Native developer and one who is not skilled enough. So let’s see what you should know and why.


JavaScript is the core language for React developers and React Native developers. Therefore, an excellent understanding of this programming language is essential for working with React Native. If the candidate does not have a good understanding of JavaScript, you should know that they are not suitable for the role.

React Native

It is suggested to hire someone who has considerable experience in building React Native apps. The potential candidate must know how to work efficiently with React Native concepts such as Virtual DOM, JSX, or the component lifecycle. Moreover, you can ask candidates about their previous development portfolio and their work using React Native.

Native tools

React Native developers should have profound expertise in several React Native tools and tech stacks, including:

  • Redux: It is an open-source JS library used to manage the application state.
  • ESLint: ESLint helps in verifying whether the code is written following the JavaScript patterns.
  • Jest: Jesy is a zero-configuration, ready-to-use tool for testing JavaScript code.
  • Enzyme: Enzyme is a set of tools created to facilitate the testing of React apps.
  • Sentry error tracking: Used for real-time monitoring and bug fixing.
  • Hockeyapp: Helps in tracking real-time crash reports, collecting feedback, handling testers, beta distribution, and so on.
  • Bitrise: Bitrise is generally used to increase automation for better workflows.

Performance optimization skills

The success of an application depends on its performance. It is the responsibility of React Native developers to perform timely optimization of applications. They must have a solid understanding of benchmarking and improvement concepts. They should know how to find the most viable solution because optimization is not just about knowing how to code; it’s more about seeing the bigger picture and having deep analytical skills.


Navigation is one of the primary aspects of any mobile application. Therefore, you need user-friendly navigation for your application. Several tools are available to create smooth and easy-to-use navigation, such as React Native Navigation or React Navigation. It’s better to make sure you hire React Native developers who have adequate knowledge of these tools.

Testing and debugging

Error handling is also a crucial skill a developer must have while building an application or a website; your application should be tested thoroughly to see if it works properly or not. Therefore, error testing and debugging skills are crucial to consider while you hire a React Native developer.

Soft skills to look for when you hire a React Native developer

When you hire remote developers, hard/technical skills lay the foundation for getting your project off the ground, but their soft skills will boost it in the right direction and help you build the projects successfully. The combination of both skill sets differentiates an excellent developer from an entire pool of React or React Native developers

So, let’s see what skills they should possess in order to be worth hiring.

Good communication skills

Developing an application is a team effort, so good developers must be able to communicate effectively with each other to avoid costly and unnecessary misunderstandings and move at the right place.

Open to ideas

Great engineers should be open to ideas and solutions proposed by others. Also, they should be willing to learn new technologies as they grow in their careers.

Problem-solving approach

Making mistakes is inevitable, and the way a developer manages the problems can significantly impact the project outcomes and the other team members. So, look for someone who can handle multiple problems effortlessly while they work on web development projects.

Handling constructive feedback

All suggestions and criticisms must be supported by factual arguments. Developers must understand the cruciality of feedbacks and implement them in their projects.

Team player

A React Native developer can not work alone while working on an organizational project. Coding, testing, and prototyping are not done in isolation; a developer has to work with others to deliver the final product. A good team player plays a vital role in agile teams, where collaboration and working together towards a common goal are essential for finishing large projects.


Hiring a capable team of React Native developers is not an easy task. Especially for someone who doesn’t have any or very little technical knowledge of hiring developers. But you can always make a safe bet and hire a team of developers from a professional React Native development company instead of building a team from scratch by yourself. Hiring experienced React Native developers will help you build efficient, scalable, and performant applications.