Choosing a mattress is already a difficult job and when the main difference between your choice of mattress is a mere 5 inches your difficulty level multiples manyfold. Then what we usually do to make a choice is to find out the purpose of using the mattress. A twin mattress is used for a kid’s room white twin XL mattress usually finds its users in college students because of its extra length. Twin XL mattresses might also be bought in parts to create a Split king bed for the master bedroom. Apart from that, some parents often prefer Twin beds for their kids who usually sleep together in a single room in bunk beds. Though the idea is quite great once the kids outgrow the mattress this mattress becomes obsolete therefore the parents might think of buying a Twin XL mattress to solve the issue altogether.

After having a brief idea of what Twin Mattress and Twin XL mattress here is a detailed comparison guide between the two mattress type

ParametersTwin MattressTwin XL mattress
SizeIN-38”x75”x11” FT-3.25×6.25 x 0.92 CM-99.06×190.5×27.94IN-38”x80”x11” FT-3.25×6.67×0.92 CM-99.06×203.2 x 27.94
Price$499 (approx)$569 (approx)
Bed size38 in x75 in38 in x 80 in
Room Size recommendation7 x 108 x 10
Comfortably fitsChildren 2-12 yrs old Growing teensTeenagers College students

Detailed Analysis of a Twin Size Mattress

The exact dimensions of a Twin size bed are 38 inches wideand 75 inches long. These mattresses are considered ideal for growing teenagers and children who are on the verge of growth. These mattresses are also favored very much in the dorm rooms or children’s rooms.

A twin-size bed is 5 inches shorter than a Twin XL mattress which restricts the movements of its users making them uncomfortable while sleeping.

The Pros and Cons of this mattress can be compared as follows

Pros of using a Twin Size mattressCons of using a Twin size mattress
AffordableLimited usage
Fits in any room typeIs very small for taller teens
LightweightRestricts movements
Ideal for kidsNot feasible for adults

Detailed Analysis of Twin XL Mattress

With the dimensions of 38 inches wide and 80 inches length Twin XL mattress are 5 inches longer than a twin size mattress which gives its sleepers its extra leg space to spread their legs with ease thus availing extra leg space. These mattresses are for kids who are taller or young adults can also use them in their college dorm room.

The Pros and Cons of Twin XL Mattress can be compared as follows

Pros of using a Twin XL Size mattressCons of using a Twin size mattress
They are moiré suited to Children and young adultsThese mattresses are ideal for people who are extremely tall or big
They provide more legroom to their usersThe bed accessories of this mattress are very hard to find
They are very to transportThey compared to Twin mattress require more space to be stored
They are 5 inches longer than a twin mattress

Points to consider before deciding on your mattress choice

After a brief idea of the mattress types and knowing their basic pros and cons of the mattress let’s decide on the points that you should consider before buying any one of the mattresses

Purpose and Usage of the Mattress:-A twin mattress is ideally suited for kids or growing teenagers on the other hand because of its length Twin XL mattress is suitable for all teens and young adults who often carry these mattress types to their Dorms.

Budget:- Before buying any mattress type one of the most important things that we ideally compare is the price and affordability though none of these mattresses costs much if you carefully compare the prices you can get a Twin mattress for $499 and a Twin XL mattress for $ 569 approximately.

Room Size:-The ideal room size to fit a Twin mattress should be at least 7 feet by 10 feet. While a twin XL mattress should need a room size of a minimum of 8 feet by 10 feet minimum. But generally, people tend to put more of these beds together for kid’s room or bunk beds in case of college dorms.

Bed Size:– A twin size mattress generally required a bed size of 37 inches wide and 75 inches in length. A Twin XL mattress on the other hand requires slightly larger beds that are at least 37 inches by 80 inches.

Space Required:- A twin Size bed will be more compact as it is 5 inches shorter than a Twin XL bed. Twin XL beds will occupy more space in your bedrooms.If space in your bedroom is an issue that you must always settle for a Twin mattress.

Who wins, Twin or Twin XL?

So after all these analyses, there might be concerns as to which of these mattresses are the better ones. Though Twin XL mattress has an advantage over the Twin mattress it can simply be observed that there is no clear winner as it is the purpose of the mattress that should be addressed rather seeking winner as a parent with kids would prefer to make his kids comfortable in their beds that they can call their bed rather than getting a full oversized bed. Apart from having the right size mattress for the kids, the parents might also want to get the right blanket size to make their kids more comfortable. A twin blanket measuring 65 by 90 inches is ideal for twin beds and a great option for the teen or growing child.

On the other hand in the longer run Twin XL mattress is a better choice as there would be no reason to change the mattress after a few years.


So finally we can close the Comparison guide by stating that both Twin mattress and Twin XL mattress should be judged based on their purpose and budget. The basic difference between both these mattresses is only 5 inches but if you have a smaller bed frame or a smaller room size it is better to have a Twin mattress rather than having a Twin XL mattress. Twin beds can be considered for the guest room instead of the regular sofa. While on the other hand Placing two XL mattresses side by side allows for the comfort level of a king-size bed. Therefore you can figure out which of these mattresses addresses your purpose and then you can opt for buying the same.

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