Electric Bike Colorway

The popular bike brand Sixthreezero is leading the market in 2021 with fresh colorways for electric models. Find out more about some of the trendy, vintage-inspired contrasts available for beach cruiser and hybrid bikes as well as eye-catching colorways such as a lavender beach cruiseror mint green electric bike.

Cool Contrasts

Some of the latest color releases combine primary frame colors with accent shades. The EVRYjourney NEW 500W for 2021 is available for men in shades such as satin ash with bold amber accents on the wheels and tires, pine green and pecan brown, and denim and golden brown honey. The women’s version includes a bright combination of gold and coral, jade green and straw yellow and periwinkle blue and pink. 

The men’s AroundtheBlock NEW 500W is available in bold color combinations such as brick red and pool blue, olive green and oat and metallic steel and cloud blue. The women’s version of the same bike build offers pairings such as a lilac frame with ginger wheels and a rear rack, a cream-colored frame with coffee brown accents, a pine green frame set off with melon pink and a pale sky blue frame with marigold accents.

Stylish Shades

Sixthreezero is a trendsetting brand in terms of the frame and accessory colors that are available for manual bikes and ebikes. Some of the most striking shades available on the frames of men’s bikes include the EVRYjourney in matte black, grey or steel blue. The bright orange shade of Mammoth is also still available for the IntheBarrel men’s cruiser. Some of the brand’s most striking new shades are options for women’s bikes. 

The AroundtheBlock women’s bike model offers options for yellow cream, light plum, mint green and coral. Other noteworthy shades appear on some of the brand’s unique bike builds. The EVRYjourney Tricycle offers options for a teal frame, a navy frame with teal accents or a cream yellow frame with orange rims. Some of these color options predate 2021, but still look stylish this year.

Trendy Tones

Some of the trendiest colors are found on the limited edition versions of the AroundtheBlock NEW 500W and EVRYjourney NEW 500W models for men and women. Frame colors such as satin ash, pine green, denim blue, gold, jade green and periwinkle blue are set off by bold accent colors. 

According to the color company Pantone, the color of the year for 2021 is vibrant yellow. The closest match to this exact shade is the gold frame for the limited-edition EVRYjourney NEW, which is set off by on-trend coral accents. You can capture the sunny characteristics of this color with Sixthreezero’s Cream yellow frames. The brand’s cream yellow shade is available on the AroundtheBlock, EVRYjourney, ExploreyourRange and RideInThePark models.

The right frame color or color combination corresponds to a rider’s personality and sense of style and will not become outdated. The colors Sixthreezero offers for electric and manual bikes are timeless, especially when paired with high-quality seat and handlebar covers. Pick your favorite frame colorway and prepare to ride in style for years to come. 


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