Six ways to avoid plagiarism in research papers

Plagiarism is an unethical way to steal someone’s work and use it for your own benefits. Some people use such tactics just to pass any exam or to impress their boss but they do not know they are just putting their career and academic life in danger. Nowadays people are in search of shortcuts to make progress and they don’t care about the things that can cause them permanent expulsion from their institution and job. Plagiarized content is more coming in thesis and research papers written for getting a degree, admission  or for another project. Basic aim of writing a research paper is to know the capability of the person and his interest in the research field. Now students mostly take material from different sites and copy paste it in their document. This all comes under the act of plagiarism and it becomes mandatory to remove this in order to make it presentable. If you do not know how to avoid plagiarism then you have landed at the right place. Here we will let you know six ways to avoid plagiarism in research papers. 


Rewriting or paraphrasing is the best way to remove plagiarism from your content. First of all you must not copy paste all the ideas or words but you can only take help from someone’s written material. Copy pasting is considered a sin in the literary community and it also raises questions on your capability. If you have committed such a sin and want to fix this problem just start rewriting those sentences but do not change the main idea or theme like most people do while paraphrasing any content. They just change the whole meaning of the paragraph. But you have to take care of these things as well. There are so many tools available for this purpose. Some work online and many of them can help you rewrite content offline. Those are reliable tools and can be used anytime. 


There are so many synonyms available in the English dictionary for a single word and you can use those words instead of repeating a word again and again. To get rid of plagiarism, start swapping words with most suitable synonyms and it will also help you in removing plagiarism from your paper or thesis or any other content. Thi is the easiest way to remove plagiarism from any content and it also makes your work look professional. 

Tip: you can use the online facility to detect the words that are making your text look bland and replace them with suitable alternatives.


If you have written someone’s word in your document then it is better to put inverted commas on both sides and give proper credit to the author. Then your content will not be counted for plagiarism since you used a quotation method. But academic sources only allow to write quotations of 40 words or less otherwise it is counted as plagiarized content. So must keep all these points in your mind while putting quotations. 

Proper editing

Editing is very necessary for any type of writing. Sometimes mistakes slip from our mind and while editing the content we get to know that such mistakes need to be fixed and they can make our work plagiarized. Look for all types of mistakes including grammar, spelling and sentence structures. Changing sentence structure saves us from the trap of plagiarized material. If a sentence is complex then try to make it simple by using synonyms. 

Use citing

Citing is another best way to avoid plagiarism in research papers. Must write the name of the authors whose ideas you are using in your paper along with the date and name of the book or the internet source from where you lifted the paragraph. Follow either APA or MLA style that is recommended by your institution. If you do not cite properly then your content will be considered plagiarized. 

Avoid copying your previous material

Some people are of the view that they can use their previous papers’ content in the research paper they are working on now. But whether it is your own content or someone else’s, this will be counted as plagiarized content and it is not at all allowed to be added without changing it. Change sentence structure of your content and then use it in your paper. 


Proper reference is mandatory at the end of any paper or thesis otherwise you will land in trouble. Cite proper reference with name date and let the reader know that you researched very well for writing this paper and you have enough knowledge of your subject. 

So these are some ways to avoid plagiarism in research papers but always try to produce your own content since it makes you more competent and opens up new ways of success for you. Creative writing is mandatory to make your content plagiarism free as it makes you diffident. Writing on your own boosts up confidence and increases your chances of making progress.