Managing a construction project can be complicated, but with the right tools it can be much easier. After all, before you manage and organize all of your workers and every aspect of the project, you have to be organized yourself. From the right construction job costing software to the perfect time-management software, there are tons of programs that can help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Fortunately, most of these software packages are user-friendly even for non-techies, and this includes the following project management tools:

1. Field Data Collection Software

There are software that allow you to create your own personalized data collection applications without knowing a lot about codes. Look for one that utilizes a drag-and-drop feature so that you can launch new workflows in hours instead of weeks. These programs tend to be flexible and versatile and can be used on both small and large projects, and they can save you both time and money with each project. It does require some knowledge of code, but not very much.

2. Construction Resource Management Software

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to the average construction project, and software that helps you streamline the resource allocation process can assist with everything from reporting to planning and everything in between. With software such as Bridgit Bench and others, you can utilize workforce data quickly and efficiently, which is why it has been used by many of the top project managers in the construction industry.

3. Time Tracking Software

Staying within budget is a very important part of the average construction project, and for that you need a way to track time efficiently. There are programs that are super easy to use and are even easy to customize to accommodate businesses and projects of all sizes. Many of these programs will even verify photo IDs for workers so that they do not have to literally punch a time clock, and when it comes to timekeeping or construction job costing software like Jonas Premier, keeping track of the numbers is easier than ever.

4. Software That Makes Collaboration Easier

One thing that’s a must for any construction project to run smoother and more efficiently is the collaboration between the architects and all of the other design professionals. There are programs that allow you to centralize your work so that it is more efficient, and it does this by recording markups, revisions, and any issues in one central location. This means that numerous people involved in the project can go online and view the progress at any time, which saves everyone a lot of time.

5. Specific Software for Different Types of Projects

If you want the most out of your project management software, it’s good to look for one that is designed for your particular project type. For instance, there are programs made just for residential builders, commercial builders, capital improvement programs, and numerous others. These programs ensure that every aspect of your project will be handled with the utmost efficiency and timeliness. It is the best type of personalization there is because it is personalized to your particular project type.

6. Document Management Software

When you’re involved in a construction project, online paperwork is a part of the process, but software such as Oracle Aconex can help you streamline the communication process and the management of your documents. If you need to run everything by your various stakeholders, programs such as this make it much easier, and it’s even easier to track revisions and get approvals when needed, not to mention identify and send the correct file every time. Online documentation and approvals have never been any easier.