Six Countries for an Unforgettable Backpacking Trip

Are you thinking of traveling, but you’re not quite sure where to go? We’re here with some ideas for you!

Whether you’re into waterfalls, outdoor adventures, surfing, climbing, ancient cultures, or can’t decide, you can find a spot in a stunning country to visit. Don’t know where to start? Keep reading!

We have a list of the best countries for a backpacking trip and the best things to do while backpacking. Let these locations inspire you to plan a new adventure and fulfill your wanderlust!

1. Austria

Austria is a country for an unforgettable backpacking hike. It offers stunningly beautiful alpine scenery, enchanting medieval towns, and exciting outdoor activities.

The country has an extensive public transport system allowing travelers to venture off the beaten path with ease.

With its sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere, Austria is an ideal destination to explore quickly or to spend a longer period getting to know the locals and enjoying their culture of music and hospitality.

2. Hungary

Hungary is definitely a country for an unforgettable backpacking trip! With its vast history, culture, and central European elegance, the country is filled with fascinating sights and experiences.

Throughout the country, one can explore majestic castles, visit famous museums and castles, and experience some of the finest cuisines in central Europe. 

3. Croatia

Croatia provides an unforgettable experience for any traveler. From the stunning Adriatic Coast to the myriad of islands, hikers will enjoy a variety of stunning views on their journey.

Inland, there are many stunning national parks, historical sites, and quaint villages to explore. With its delicious seafood, great wine, and friendly locals, Croatia is a memorable destination for any backpacker.

With the right budget and planning, a backpacking trip through Croatia can be the experience of a lifetime.

4. Greece

Greece is also a country for an unforgettable backpacking trip! From the culture to the people, to the landscape, and the food, it is a paradise for the traveler looking for an authentic experience.

The rocky coastlines, brilliant blue clear waters, lush greenery, and white-washed hillside villages will captivate your senses and leave you awestruck. 

Get ready to explore this beautiful country and make some new memories of an unforgettable backpacking trip in Greece.

5. Italy

Italy is a one-of-a-kind country that offers the opportunity for an unforgettable backpacking trip. It’s incredibly diverse in terms of its landscape and culture, so no matter where you choose to go, you’ll encounter something new and exciting.

Whether you’re trekking across romantic vineyards, sampling fresh pizza, or admiring iconic landmarks, your time in Italy will be an unforgettable experience.

6. Turkey

With a vast array of sights and sites, Turkey is a traveler’s dream and a backpacker’s paradise.

From the thousands of miles of coastline with lush sandy and pebbly beaches, to the mountain ranges, rivers, and ancient ruins, travelers are sure to have days of exploring, and nights of relaxing.

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Backpacking trips are fun and exciting, and with the right gear and mindset, anyone can take an enjoyable journey and have a great time.

Try out backpacking hiking ideas today – you won’t regret it! Invest in the right gear, take the time to research different paths and you’ll be guaranteed an incredible and memorable experience.

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