Premium Feel

Convenience and efficiency have become paramount in a fast-paced society when time is important. Traditional scooters, with their restrictions and inconveniences, are no longer available. With the i9 Scooter electric scooter, you can ride into the future of urban commuting, where every journey is a premium experience that simplifies your life in more ways than one.

Conventional Scooters vs a premium upgrade electric scooter

Traditional scooters have limitations, and they frequently provide obstacles to smooth and convenient travel. These scooters might leave you feeling weary and confined, especially when traveling longer distances, due to manual control and limited speed and range. Furthermore, upkeep and dependency on petrol add to the annoyance, making commuting more difficult than it should be.

The i9 iScooter electric scooter is an innovative solution that takes your riding experience to new heights. This electric scooter seamlessly mixes convenience, efficiency, and style into your everyday routine thanks to its elegant appearance and smart capabilities.

  1. Unleash the Speed and Range 

With its amazing performance, the i9 Scooter electric scooter revolutionizes your daily commute. With a top speed of 18.6mph (30km/h), you’ll easily fly through traffic, leaving traditional scooters in the dust. The 36V 7.5Ah 270Wh battery capacity provides a maximum range of 15.5 miles (25km), allowing you to get to your destination without having to worry about recharging frequently.

  1. Your Rules, Your Road 

Feel free to explore your city like you’ve never done before. The i9 iScooter electric scooter easily handles inclines, with inclinations up to 15°. Say goodbye to bumpy trips; the air-filled tires and integrated shock absorption system provide a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven terrain.

  1. Masterful Design Meets Practicality 

The i9 Scooter electric scooter weighs only 24.7lb (11.2 kg) and can be folded in two simple steps. This folding mechanism makes it extremely portable, ideal for taking public transport or storage in small areas. Its IPX4 water resistance grade assures that a sudden rain shower will not derail your plans.

  1. Smart Technology: Your Ride, Your Control 

Embrace the power of technology with the iScooter i9’s app monitoring and Bluetooth connectivity. The full-color info dashboard display keeps you updated on your ride’s speed, battery level, journey distance, and more. Take control of your journey with three riding modes (Eco, Drive, and Sport) and cruise control for a smooth ride.

  1. Safety First

With its front E-ABS electronic brake and rear disc brake, the iScooter i9 prioritizes your safety by offering dependable stopping power when needed. The front and rear LED lights improve visibility at night, and the approved reflectors give an added degree of safety.


Finally, the i9 iScooter electric scooter will elevate your urban journey. Accept the future of transportation, where ease, style, and performance all come together in a premium package. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional scooters and hello to the efficiency and convenience of the iScooter i9. Simplify your life, ride confidently, and revel in the pleasures of casual urban discovery.