Simple Things You May Want to Ask Your Dentist

Doing the simple things right can actually make a big difference in your oral health. Here are a couple of things that could be on your mind, and that you may need clarity on.

How is Your Oral Health?

Many make the mistake of visiting the dentist only when they have a dental issue. However, as you know, regular check ups are strongly recommended so you will know the status of your dental/oral health.

These visits are so helpful because there is always a chance that a any dental issue is detected if present, and treated before it gets worse. This way, you can prevent painful experiences as well as costs of treatment.

Using Dental Floss

It is important to know how to floss in the right way. Again, the is something you will need to learn from your dentist. Ask him how to floss to get rid of bacteria and plaque properly. Ideally, he would demonstrate and make sure you see clearly and exactly how it is done.

If you have more questions, or you need more clarity, never hesitate to ask them. It is important to learn the right method before you can practice it for the rest of your life.

Ask for Toothbrush Recommendations

The ‘ideal’ toothbrush for you depends on your dental condition. This means that the toothbrush type that suits your friend may not be the best type for you. You may have sensitive gums or teeth, or other dental issues that may sometimes require special care, which means you may have to use a specific type of toothbrush too.

As your dentist what will be best and get recommendations from him personally. Look for experts like family Maple Ridge Dentistry in Vaughan if you still haven’t found ‘your’ dentist.

Suitable toothpaste?

You might be interested in the various types of toothpaste products you see at the store. However, it is best if you could wait until your next dental appointment before you decide to switch. After having examined your teeth, your dentist will tell you whether making changes is okay, of if you need to opt for different, but specific toothpastes to suit your health.

Questions about Mouthwash

Once again, the status of your dental health shall determine whether or not you should be using a mouthwash. Your dentist should give you right advice on this. Depending on the condition of teeth, he would tell you whether or not you can use mouthwash for cleansing, and if yes, what type. Keep in mind, there are alcohol-based mouthwashes, and various other special types made to suit specific dental conditions.

Questions About Your Diet

Questions about diet may arise post specific dental treatments that you undergo. In most cases, small, tentative changes may have to be made in your diet. If you have had a dental surgery for instance, certain foods may be best avoided completely to promote speedy and proper recovery. Make sure you pay attention to your doctor’s advice, or even note things down as he does post a specific dental treatment.