Mediterranean diet

Are you interested in the Mediterranean diet?

Urban myths and stories aside, a balanced diet plays an important role in more satisfying love life. Here are the 10 main rules for developing a correct Mediterranean diet.

Use a lot of fruit, especially those receiving vitamin C kiwifruit, citrus fruits, strawberries, and vegetables abundant in vitamins A and E, such as yellow or dark green leafy ones. In addition to the right intake of vitamins and mineral salts, fruits and vegetables provide fiber’s daily intake, vital for managing the glycemic index.

Introduce legumes into your diet, a source of vegetable protein and also abundant in fiber.

Reduce the consumption of red meats

Reduce the consumption of red meats, especially processed meats (sausages, etc.), by raising fish consumption, especially bluefish, rich in Omega 3. This decreases the inflammatory state associated both with erectile dysfunction and in the origin of cardiovascular diseases. Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are also found in nuts, nuts, kiwi seeds, etc.

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Use unrefined cereals and favor wholemeal products without passing in quantity—the integral benefits of measuring the glycemic index.

Use extra virgin olive oil as a fat source, albeit in balance and rich in vitamin E.

Some food, such as polyphenols, better mood, pleasure, euphoria, and motivation, are important functions for intimate activity. In chocolate, to which consoling results are attributed, there are huge amounts of phenylethylamine, a substance that the body converts into tyrosine which in turn will be used to form neurotransmitters that improve serenity and decrease anxiety. Men are use vidalista 60 and fildena for ED cure. The phenylethylamine results from phenylalanine transformation, an necessary amino acid in the protein of meat and fish.

Milk and Grana Padano

In milk and Grana Padano, which is a concentrate, 15 liters are required to make a kilo; there are important nutrients, including proteins with the nine primary amino acids so-called because our body is incapable of synthesizing them, as well as substances that are formed during aging that have important impacts on health, such as tripeptides, enzymes that help fight hypertension. A portion of 50 grams of this cheese gives 155 mg of tryptophan, 32 of magnesium, 5 of zinc, 584 of calcium which has a relaxing effect, in addition to other important functions.

There are also important vitamins in this cheese of group B, such as B12, which have important nervous system roles. They improve neuronal transmission and intervene in producing red blood cells, fighting tiredness due to anemia. Grana Padano also contains excellent antioxidants such as vitamin A, zinc, and selenium, which help combat free radicals and improve well-being.


Greenlight to aromas and spices, the latter in regulation. They decrease the consumption of salt, which is the advanced cause of arterial hypertension and what happens.

No to sugars and sweets and avoid sweetened drinks and alcoholic beverages, all foods effective for an inflammatory state. Alcohol, as mentioned, inhibits neurological purposes and increases the depressive state.

Distribute food perfectly during the day: eat 5 meals a day, 3 main meals, and 2 snacks if you like Don’t hop breakfast as it negatively influences hormone production and prevents full metabolic activation.

The value of a correct lifestyle

It is always advisable to incorporate some healthy behavioral habits with medical treatments and a well-balanced diet.

Avoid Stress

Calm the mind by engaging in relaxing self-interest activities, avoid unnecessary tension and worry. Yoga and relaxation and meditation courses can be effective.

Practice constant physical activity, at least 30 minutes a day. Aerobic physical activity, among other benefits, also promotes blood circulation.

Constant and sufficient physical activity is essential toward the risks of obesity, which can predispose to reduced desire and erectile dysfunction.

Avoid eating large meals: especially before intercourse, a too abundant lunch or dinner could stop or hinder erection, especially in predisposed patients.

Get sufficient sleep

Sleep is related to testosterone creation.

Use condoms or other safe birth control methods: overcome anxiety and fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Smoking, alcoholism, and an inactive lifestyle, all elements that increase the chance of erectile dysfunction.

Always confront yourself with your partner. The dialogue is the first therapy.

The oysters are recognized since the Romans’ times; their aphrodisiac qualities may arise from their shape suggestive of the entrance to the vagina.

Legend has it that it used figs before a loving encounter as the fig tree was sacred to Priapo, the Greek and Roman god of pregnancy.

The mushrooms, particularly the mushrooms, are considered a “cure” to regain the vigor, maybe because the fungus’ head before hatching resembles the erected male organ.

Starting from the Middle Ages, aphrodisiac qualities began to be attributed to truffles. The doctor Michele Savonarola suggested it as the ideal food for impotence, and Napoleon also used it generously.

From the almond, it is possible to extract a sweet oil used in ancient times for massages; the massage can also be erotic, and the hands that slide over the body fuel the vision. vidalista 40 and malegra 200 are used for impotence problems in men.

Honey has been recognized as an aphrodisiac food for over 3,000 years. Tradition has it that it was suggested to newlyweds as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Hence, the famous saying, “honeymoon.”

The Romans made love filters with rocket mixtures as it was considered the most important of aphrodisiacs, possibly due to its vigorously bitter taste.


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