Silicon Nerd Reviews Is legit?

Do you want to buy products from the United States and they are not available in your country? If so, and you need the perfect solution to these problems, Silicon Nerd Reviews can be your helping hand.

This article shares the details of the website that becomes your purchasing partner for purchasing products from different locations.

To trust such platforms, you have to be very sure of their legitimacy and other policies. Let’s go through all the essential factors of the website.

Table of Contents

• About

• Website specifications

• Advantages of

• Cons of

• Is legit?

• Customer reviews of Silicon Nerd

• Final verdict


It is the platform that helps you to purchase the products that are not available in your country. buys the things you want on the market at the retail price and delivers them to your address. The company offers an extensive list of products, including beauty and fashion products, health and fitness products, luxury goods, outdoor products, technology products, etc. But there is a central point to keep in mind: when we click on some of the product categories, they are blank and do not show products.

Silicon Nerd Reviews claims that the company claims to offer more products in the near future. The charges are available on the website.

Website Specifications

• Website:

• Established – 2017-09-28

• Products: beauty and fashion products, health and fitness products, luxury items, outdoor products, technology products, etc.

• Contact number – not mentioned.

• Email address: [email protected]

• Address: 71 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

• processing time: within 24 hours

• Delivery time: depends on the courier partner.

• Returns: only accepted if the retailer agrees

• Refund: depends on the time the order is canceled.

• Payment: online mode such as PayPal, credit and debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover) are accepted.

Advantages of

• According to Silicon Nerd Reviews, the company provides a service to buy things from anywhere in the United States.

• Shipping costs are low.

• You can get things at the same rate that the retailer sells.

• Use a valid HTTPS connection to work and keep data safe.

• The company offers free shipping costs over the $ 100 order.

• You can buy various things at different stores.

• The website has an average trust rate of 60%.

Cons of

• The website has fewer visitors than the average rate.

• The website has no customer reviews for the last three years.

• The website does not share valid personal information of the owner and the company.

• The physical address on the official website is not valid.

• You have less interaction on social media pages.

Is legit?

Silicon Nerd Reviews claims that the company is working for the past three years and claims to offer the best service and facilities to customers. allows you to buy things from multiple stores in a single purchase and share the details of the messaging partner. It has earned the average trust rating of 60% and offers a return on whether the retailer accepts the return or not.

The different look of the company states that the website does not share any personal data on the official page and that the address is invalid.

The website has below-average visitors despite having worked for the past three years, which puts you under suspicion.

Therefore, whether or not to trust depends on your decision.

Silicon Nerd customer reviews

Customer feedback is the essential factor to claim the site is legit or fraudulent according to the research, has social media pages, but the website lacks promotional posts on social media pages.

The website domain is old and not receiving customer feedback for such a long period shows the negative side of the organization. It lacks customer satisfaction feedback on the service, and the reason behind may be the lack of connection between the customer and the company.

Final verdict

The article shares the two organizational aspects you may face when using it. Silicon Nerd Reviews concludes that testing this website can be risky as you cannot quickly connect to staff.

There are many upcoming products that you can purchase with the help of that are hard to come by in your country. But it is very important to be sure of the quality and legitimacy before investing the money.

The average trust index may bring you a bit of satisfaction, but at the same time, the absence of customer reviews and low traffic rate can bring trust issues in mind.

The decision is in your hand to trust the website or not. If you have any queries regarding the article or the website, please drop the comment below in the comment section.