Sickest Places to UTV in North America

One of the great joys of owning an off-road vehicle is going off the road with it, even if that means traveling. When you ride an ATV or UTV, it often means traveling cross-country to find the trails that provide the most stunning views and adrenaline-activating challenges in the country. Of course, getting ready for those trails means finding the best UTV parts for your ride style. Here are three of the top destination UTV trails in the U.S.A. today:

  • Moab, Utah is home to an entire network of intertwined roads, trails, and open spaces to explore, but keep away from the edges of the area parks because UTV riding is not allowed on park trails
  • The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System spans the entire countryside that played host to the famous and long-running family feud that started just after the Civil War, pushing an Appalachian community into a conflict that lasted nearly a century
  • Maine as a state is one giant UTV destination, with over 6,000 miles of trail you can legally ride spanning practically every inch of the state and reaching into many of the sightseeing attractions and public hunting grounds in the area

UTV Parts You Will Need To Upgrade Before You Go Off-Roading

Trail riding on established trail systems is usually safe with a stock UTV, but overlanding in unknown territory or exploring trails that don’t have clear documentation and signage is another matter. Before you take off into the great unknown, make sure you’ve upgraded key parts and systems for a more rugged performance:

  • Equip terrain-specific tires that fit the next trail you’re riding
  • Upgrade the suspension to handle extra stress and deliver a smoother off-trail ride
  • Consider side by side exhaust systems instead of stock models
  • Check out performance brakes and light upgrades

There are a lot of other options out there, but when it comes to trail safety, the core systems are the ones that help you power through tough spots, stop when needed, and see where you’re going. Of course, while you’re shopping UTV tires for sale to see about terrain-specific options, you’ll also want to make sure your gear is as upgraded as your ride.

Type of Gear You Will To Pack Before Your Go off-Road With Your UTV

No matter where you’re riding, you need to go out with the right gear for your personal safety, including pads, riding clothes, and a helmet. Beyond that, you might want to consider these upgrades and accessories to make your day easier when you’re out on a long ride:

  • Saddle bags and other storage options
  • GPS navigation and visual mapping devices
  • First aid kit
  • Tire patch and minor UTV service kit
  • Emergency blanket/rain fly for shelter in a pinch
  • Flares or other signalling tools
  • Heavy-duty rope or cable for towing obstructions or stuck companions out of the way

Go out prepared for anything that could get you stuck. This kit list covers a lot of essentials, but you always need to consider the specifics of the terrain you are about to ride when making a gear list.