Should you try the keto diet?

With time people are getting aware of healthy life and healthy foods. Every third person in world is trying to lose weight or live healthier by following some diet plan or healthy activities like exercise and jogging etc. 

Ketogenic or keto diet is among the trendiest diets these days. The diet consists of food plan which includes less and less carbs and more and more healthy fats. It helps body to stay active, healthy and you will also lose some weight in the process. 

Health coach Idrees Samih share many tips on how to follow a healthy living by following specific diet plan. But nothing is perfect and with lots of options available there rise a question; “Should you try the keto diet?” 

Bariatric station keto diet blog are among few of excellent blogs which provide reasons to try the attractive diet.

Here we have gathered a list of few benefits of ketogenic diets:

Keto helps you lose weight:

Ketogenic diet is great way to lose weight and lower the risk of many diseases. IT is effective as it is low fat diet. The research shows that ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss as low fat diet. The keto diet lets you count the calories or tracking them so you can track the food intake and it is a great help in losing weight. 

According to many studies people who followed keto diet lost around 2 pounds more than the group that followed a low fat diet. Moreover the diet also leads to reduction in BP and triglyceride levels. Another research study on a middle aged adults group suggested that those who followed ketogenic diet for around one and a half month lost five times more weight than those who followed a low fat diet.

The increased level of ketones, low sugar level and improved insulin sensitivity also play vital role in the process.

Excellent to control Keto Diet:

Diabetes is known as a body ailment that brings changes in the metabolism and increases blood pressure and impaired insulin function in the body.

The keto diet lets you lose excessive fat which is linked with diabetes type 2, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. It is also described in one of the study that keto diet improves insulin sensitivity for whooping 75 %

Prevent heart diseases:

The keto diet can help to improve risk factors which cause heart diseases like body fat, HDL (good) Cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.


According to few research studies it is said that keto diet is one of the incredible way to slow the tumor growth and it can be great help in treating cancerous cells.

Alzheimer’s disease:

Ketogenic diet helps to reduce Alzheimer’s disease and slow the progression of the disease. 


 it is helpful to reduce in seizures in epileptic children

Brain Injuries:

Ketogenic diet helps to improve the outcome of traumatic brain injuries and issues.

And that’s the end of our blog but not the end of benefits of following keto diet. You can find best keto diet blogs to stay updated and follow the amazing diet.