Unless you are in enterprise-level business, there’s a pretty good chance that what you are using right now isn’t really going to suit your needs moving forward in the twenty-first century. It’s understandable, the software you do have is probably not cheap. You most likely have an excellent database program, some great spreadsheets and general office suites will’s, etc., and you want to get as much out of them as you can, and rely on them as much as possible. You’ve been using these tools for years, you know how they work, probably taught to use them in school if you are young enough. However, you definitely need a CRM tool, especially one for sales CRM, because linking your existing tools together just isn’t going to cut it.

You undoubtedly know what CRM is, but allow us to explain what you’re missing out on by using old-fashioned link-together tool chains like you may be presently.

With sales CRM, a whole lot of valuable data is created upon the conversion of a customer for may lead to an actual customer. With other CRM tool solutions, this information can be frequently analyzed, compared to data from other customers, and patterns can be spotted.

Are you familiar with the old saying adapt or die? This applies to businesses probably more than any other field, as customer attitudes, demographics, financial sensibilities and expectations of a product or service change drastically in such a short period of time. People change their minds faster now than ever thanks to the Internet and our general social susceptibility.

With sales CRM and other CRM tool implementations, you can do this. It can spot shifts in this, you can track when customers suddenly change their minds about expectations, as well as shortcomings in your product or service that you may not have been able to predict. This gives you a competitive edge, and it allows you to retain customers because you are willing to fix things to their specifications and deal with them on a more personal level.

Most important of all, this stuff allows you to provide customer support in a faster, more effective way, and in an age where people hate having to call customer support due to labyrinthine automated menus and slow, sparsely-capable agents with bad software to back them, good customer support is worth its weight in gold. You owe it to your business to implement better tools, so you can better handle your customers and have that adaptable, competitive edge well into the future.

The best implementation is going to be software as a service most likely, though traditional installations are available with some CRM tools. However, software as a service is extremely efficient due to no need for migration, reinstallations nor having updates interfere with workability. They are platform agnostic, able to run in anything with a browser, meaning your mixed-hardware environment will have no problem.

If you are interested, take a look online, there are great many CRM solutions available, just be sure to get a demo before committing to anything!