Shopify Dropshipping Agent – You Need Them Or Not?

Those who dropship may have heard about “dropshipping agents”. Perhaps you didn’t know what this term means, so you are here now! Here I break down the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping agents, and how they can benefit your business. However, don’t feel ashamed for being here. If you hear the words dropshipping agent for the first time, you may not know what they are. My first thought was a dropshipping agent. However, once I was able to understand Shopify dropshipping agent and what they could offer my dropshiping business, things became a whole lot more interesting!

Dropshipping Agents Offer A Number Of Benefits

I’ll describe them in more detail below:

  • Prices are more reasonable. The best dropshipping agents have the network and skills to find you the best deals on the goods you’re selling. Beat them!
  • Speedier shipping. Expert dropshippers know exactly which shipping methods to use in each country. There are usually shipping methods in these cases that typical dropshipping suppliers don’t provide. Your agent could use 4PX and YunExpress to ship packages to Germany and Austria.
  • Same price. You might find your product’s price changing day-to-day, or it may be unavailable. If you’re using an agent, your agent will warn you before taking action.

Dropshipping Agents Have What Disadvantages?

In addition to having a minimum amount of orders each day, pre-paying for stock and taking longer to process orders are disadvantages of using a dropshipping agent.

Again, I will elaborate on the drawbacks below:

  • You may need a minimum number of orders per day to work with some agents. You can imagine that a dropshipping agent takes the time to look for your products and build a relationship with you. Some agents will only work with dropshippers with a certain amount of daily orders already.
  • The process is not fully automated. However, some dropshipping suppliers do offer fully automated fulfillment. A feature like this shouldn’t be expected if you work with dropshipping agents. Each day, your agent will most likely have to send you a .csv file containing your orders.
  • Your trustworthiness is a bigger issue. A few dropshipping agents have a website (but not in English, at least). Unlike dropshippers, you cannot find reviews of agents. You will have to trust your dropshipping partner before working with him or her.

Dropshipping Agents: Are They Trustworthy?

Let me elaborate on that last disadvantage. A dropshipping agent’s trustworthiness is the most difficult aspect to deal with. You’re likely to come across many scammers which is why you should be careful when searching.

Although, it’s not accurate to assume that all dropshipping agents are not trustworthy.

I may have been lucky, but in my experience, I have never been lied to or scammed by a dropshipping service. Despite the fact that it did not happen to me, there is no guarantee you won’t come across an unreliable dropshipping agent. There are some ways to protect yourself from dropshipping scams and being tricked.

A Guide To Finding A Trustworthy Dropshipper

  • Try to find out from other dropshippers first. If you know anyone that has a successful dropshipping relationship with an agent, ask them for the contact information of that agent. That way, you will be sure the agent is legit.
  • Check with the agent for previous tracking numbers. This will allow you to verify their deliveries.
  • If possible, take photographs or videos of their warehouse. In any case, when you receive it, you’ll see they have goods in stock and packaged there. You can ask the person featured in the photo or video for a unique sign (such as a thumb-up) to ensure its authentic.
  • Beware of agents who charge a high setup fee or a low minimum order amount. You may want to avoid them. You don’t want someone to take your money and disappear from the picture. Make the decision if you absolutely trust the agent.
  • Request an appointment. You will then be able to get a better feeling for the agent and judge if they are legitimate.

Dropshipping Agents: Where Do You Find Them?

The following link will lead you to an article about selecting a dropshipping agent if you’re interested in finding one for your business after reading this article.

We have discussed tips that can help you find the best dropshipping agents. Besides, you might also like to check out this article about 11 things to consider before choosing a dropshipping agent here.

As A Conclusion

The topic of dropshipping agents is outlined today and how they can scale your dropshipping business. I believe dropshipping agents offer an excellent alternative to dropshipping suppliers. There are still some drawbacks, as there always are. If you run a dropshipping business, you may find it difficult to find an excellent agent. If you have made it this far, you are probably eager to learn more about dropshipping agents.