Sherry Dyson and MF Doom are two very distinct personalities, but they both have a connection to the area of hip-hop. Sherry was a professor of computer science at Stanford University, and she did research on the use of artificial intelligence in hip hop music. Talking about MF Doom, he was a rapper and producer popularly known for his complex rhyme schemes and his usage of masks. Here are some things that you would want to know about these two prominent personalities:

Sherry Dyson 

Sherry was the first wife of Chris, an American businessman and motivational speaker:

– She was born on January 5, 1949, in Virginia of United States.

– She married Chris Gardner in the year 1977, and they also had a son together, Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr., the child was born in 1981.

– Sherry died from cancer in the year 2000, and she was 51. 

– She was a phenomenal educational expert in mathematics.

– After graduating from college, she worked as a mathematics teacher and educational consultant. She also becomes a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

– Her death was a great loss to her family and even friends. She was a kind and caring individual who will be remembered for her immense strength, resilience, intelligence, and love.

– They divorced in the year 1986 after Chris had an affair with another female 

– She was a super bright and brilliant woman who excelled in mathematics.   

– She was a robust and independent woman who raised her son Christopher as a single mother. She worked hard to provide for her child and provided him with a great education.  


– MF DOOM started his career as a member of the group KMD in the times of late 1980s. After the death of his younger brother and associated KMD member, Subroc, in the year 1993, Dumile went on a pause and later recurred as MF DOOM in the late 1990s.

– MF DOOM released manifold critically acclaimed albums, encompassing Operation: Doomsday, MM.FOOD, and Madvillainy, a collaboration with well-known producer Madlib. He even worked with diverse artists and groups like Danger Mouse (as Danger Doom) and even Ghostface Killah (as DOOMSTARKS).

– One of MF DOOM’s notable features were his adoption of a metal mask like the Marvel Comics villain Doctor Doom. He infrequently appeared in public without the mask, upkeeping a pinch of mystery and anonymity.

– DOOM was known for its complicated and densely packed rhymes. He displayed his storytelling abilities and sharp wit in his lyrics, mostly incorporating comic book references, obscure pop culture samples, and even abstract concepts. His music was much intellectual and captivating.

– MF DOOM’s distinct style and underground success made him a respected figure in hip-hop. His influence can be seen in the work of numerous contemporary artists who have been inspired by his wordplay, production methods, and overall artistry. His sudden passing in the month of October 2020 led to an expression of tributes from fans and fellow musicians. However, MF Doom’s cause of death has not been clear.


So, after reading these things about both these personalities, Sherry and Doom, you might be feeling enlightened. There is much that you can take from their lives.