Experiencing unprecedented growth, blockchain technology is now integral to various sectors, including but not limited to trade, healthcare, and governance, with cryptolicensing adding an extra layer of application and security. Blockchain not only facilitates transactions and asset registrations but also underpins the vast crypto-market, serving as the foundational technology for numerous cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it enables asset tokenization, a process that turns ownership rights into digital tokens, with cryptolicensing enhancing the security and transparency of this transformative method. Whether tangible goods or traditional financial instruments, virtually anything can be securely and efficiently tokenized with blockchain.

Blockchain Expertise & Services

Gain advice and consultation on diverse blockchain technology applications. Receive support for blockchain implementation, including token development. Services include:

  • Strategic integration of blockchain into business operations.
  • Development and adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Due diligence audits offering insights on platform, technology, token economy, product roadmap, and business model.
  • Asset Tokenization guidance.
  • Customized educational services through online or onsite blockchain training sessions.

Cryptocurrency Expertise & Services

A team of specialists is available to address various needs including:

  • Receive help with due diligence and application processes for tokens aiming to be listed on exchanges.
  • Benefit from support during incorporation, jurisdictional guidance, legal backing, and regulatory licensing for global Crypto Exchanges.
  • Guidance is available for buying, selling, converting, and storing cryptocurrencies.
  • Access cryptocurrency-specific courses, delivered by industry experts familiar with real-world application use cases.

Initial Coin Offering

An ICO offers a novel method for public fundraising through the issuance of coins or tokens. These tokens, exchanged for fiat or virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ether, are tools for collecting capital for various endeavors, especially those utilizing Blockchain. The tokens issued during an ICO can have different purposes and features:

  • Grant access to or can be used to buy a specific product or service developed with the ICO’s proceeds (сalled Utility Tokens).
  • May bestow voting rights or a portion of future revenue from the issuing entity (called Security or Asset Tokens).
  • Others might lack tangible value but are still traded or possibly converted into fiat or virtual currencies post-issuance on designated exchanges.

ICO Expertise & Services

  1. Assistance in assessing your needs.
  2. Consultations, regulatory and legal support. An ICO may be subject to licensing or other requirements, depending on the functionality of the chosen token model. Therefore, we provide assistance in order to navigate the legal requirements and obtain regulatory approvals.
  3. Assistance in navigating the accounting and reporting rules in the face of time and resource constraints during the ICO process.
  4. Support in establishing a transparent structure tailored to meet specific needs.
  5. Help in launching tokens and addressing marketing needs for a triumphant ICO.
  6. Help in crafting a market-appealing whitepaper elucidating your project’s concept, application, benefits, potential, and opportunities.
  7. Offering seminars or courses covering various ICO types, processes, regulations, and strategies.

Why Should You Contact Specialists?

Prifinance lawyers will select the best options for your business after a detailed assessment of your case. The staff will help you obtain a crypto license and ensure overall compliance with applicable laws. You will need to provide detailed information about your commercial goals and business case to select the most suitable jurisdiction.