Serverwala VPS Germany: Powerful Web Host for Critical Applications

Are you already running your business website that supports and handles various kinds of software and applications? Yes! That’s great. 

But is your site able to handle the critical applications? If not, then it’s time to make a move and choose the Web hosting that gives you a user-friendly and highly software-compatible platform to run critical applications. For that, you should choose Serverwala’s VPS Germany that provides you a highly innovative platform for handling critical applications without letting your site undergo downtime. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to choose the operating system – Linux or Windows to run these critical applications as per your site requirements. 

More you will get to know about Serverwala VPS Germany is best to Handle Critical Applications in this guide. But before that, let’s take a quick tour of VPS Hosting. Let’s get started!

Know About VPS Germany

VPS Server is a web hosting type known as hybrid hosting because of holding the dedicated server resources and follows the shared hosting principle. Like a Dedicated server, it gives you independent resources that only you can employ and share the CPU usage with your neighboring site means following the concept of resource sharing like in Shared hosting. That’s why it is known as Hybrid Hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The Virtual Private Server works on the Virtualization Principle. In VPS Hosting Germany, a large server is split or broken down into small sub servers using virtualization technology to deliver a high-performing platform. Each server gets its own private and dedicated resources that you won’t need to share with others. This makes the VPS platform more compatible with handling critical applications.

Moreover, VPS is categorized into two parts: managed and unmanaged VPS hosting discussed later in this blog. You can choose any one of them as per your website requirements. But first, let’s comprehend which operating system is best to run the critical applications.

Which One OS is Perfect: Linux or Windows OS 

Well, the choice of an operating system ultimately depends on your website requirements and budget. If you have a limited budget with ample technical skills to manage the site backend process, then you can opt for Linux over Windows because of its open source nature and Cheapest VPS in Germany. 

In Contrast, the Windows Operating system comes with a pretty high price tag. Still, it comprises whopping backend support, easy setup, remote desktop access, user friendly Graphical User Interface, and Microsoft SQL database that you won’t get with Linux. Moreover, if you want to build or run critical applications based on ASP.Net technology then, windows are the only solution. This is because the scripts in ASP run only on the windows servers. If you’ve decided on a Windows-based Cheap VPS Hosting Germany provider and get to know more about it, continue reading.  

Type of VPS Hosting: UnManaged or Managed VPS Germany 

If you have the excellent technical skills to manage your site’s back-end process and handle day-to-day server management activities, you can choose the Windows-based Unmanaged VPS hosting. But if you want someone else to maintain and manage your site, then windows based Managed VPS Hosting would be a great choice. Let see the significant difference between both.

-Unmanaged VPS Hosting:

In Unmanaged VPS Hosting, you get complete administrative control of your server. You need to manage your server by yourself from data security to perform any activity on the server. For example, if you want to make any changes or modifications, you have to do it using your control panel options. 

-Managed VPS Hosting:

In Managed VPS Hosting, your web host is the administrator who monitors your server 24*7 to ensure you meet your business requirements. It means your web host is responsible for implementing security patches, regular data backups, settling of broken features, server setups, and other useful installations. You won’t need to do anything rather than keep your focus on your sales. Therefore, Windows-based Best VPS Germany does not come with the additional price, but all the introductory tasks make it worth money.

As it is obvious that different companies offer various services at variable price tags. So, it’s time to turn your eyes on a reliable web host. For that, make sure your investment in Best VPS hosting Germany plans is worthy. 

Let’s consider Serverwala Cloud Data Center and check if they best fit for your critical applications.

About Serverwala 

Serverwala Cloud Data Center, established in 2012, is a leading web host provider that provides you different web hosting solutions as per your business demands and financial prerequisites. These web hosting solutions include Shared Server, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Cluster, and Collocations services. Moreover, it has been awarded for offering the enterprise grade services such as Unlimited Bandwidth, Whopping storage, Random Access Memory, 24*7 dedicated customer support via live chat, email, WhatsApp, etc. Because of these services, Serverwala has successfully developed a strong relationship with the clients and made more than 20,000+ happy customers globally. Moreover, with their achievements and awards, they even have gained the trust of many web hosting industries. 

Serverwala: Best Plans and Packages of VPS Germany 

Serverwala Cloud Data Center offers various web hosting services by keeping the financial conditions of users in mind. Hence, provides the Cheap VPS Server Germany plans and packages inclusive of all the basic to premium level services with greater support, best for business beginner, startup to mastermind businesses. So, don’t waste your time, just check out the variable plans and choose the best one that is enough to handle critical applications on your website.

Features of Serverwala VPS Server Germany 

VPS Hosting gives you intense resources and high-level services and supports along with enterprise grade features. These features make your hosting platform more applications compatible and high performing. Therefore, let’s dive into the principle features that let your Best VPS Server Germany based hosting handle the critical applications. 

#1. Choice of Control Panels

You can choose any of the control panel options from cPanel and Plesk panel to manage your website. Both come with many flexible and user-friendly options that you can easily employ without any expert assistance. 

#2. Choice of Operating System

With greater flexibility to select the operating system, you can either choose the Linux or Windows based VPS Hosting as per your budget and requirements.

#3. SSH Root Level Access

The Best VPS in Germany hosting gives you the entire administration and control in your hands. Therefore, you can easily make any setting, configurations, modifications, updates, etc., on your server. You can also install the custom made and critical applications on your windows based hosting.

#4. Easy Customization

If you pick the VPS Germany Cheap plans that comprise additional services, you need to run your critical applications. Then don’t worry. The web host gives you customization flexibility. So, you can easily pick and pay only for the services you want.

#5. Highly Scalable

VPS Server gives you resourceful and high caliber services with the flexibility to scale up your hosting resources. It means if your site requires more storage, memory, and bandwidth, then you can easily upgrade your plans. 

#6. Cloud-powered VPS

VPS is designed in the cloud based structure to give you the power of Dedicated resources.

#7. Free of Cost Migration

Serverwala gives you free of cost migration services from your existing website to all the provided servers.

#8. Robust Hardware Components

To make your website compatible with critical applications, you get robust hardware specifications with the best VPS Hosting Germany plans.

#9. Easy upgrades

All VPS plans come with the upgraded technologies. Still, you require more resources than you can easily upgrade your resources.

#10. Hyper V platform

Serverwala offers you a Hyper V platform with their Best VPS in Germany plans, comprising Solid State Drives to give you optimal performance and the highest server speed.

These exclusive and premium Serverwala’s VPS hosting features let your website handle critical applications. But to be sure more about your web host. Let’s check the customer reviews.

Customer Review 

Reviews are the primary aspects of checking out your web host portfolio, services, and level of support. Therefore, here we have shown you some amazing reviews posted on the top review sites by potential customers and happy clients. 


With the decision to choose Best VPS Germany Hosting, you can already get the chance to make your site compatible with critical applications and run it efficiently. Now let a leading and reliable web hosting company like Serverwala help you achieve your desired business goals.