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In today’s time, if you own a business then you must have a business website to reach a large set of audience across Russia. The first step that you need to take to have a successful online business is to choose a good web hosting service to host your website. Every business website needs a web hosting service that is compatible with its needs and requirements. That is why we have so many web hosting types. 

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The Dedicated Server is one of the most popular hosting types for a growing Russian business or a website with huge traffic. The Dedicated Server Hosting Russia is the key to a successful business and it helps the website to grow and thrive.

After all, every business owner wants to grow their business and make sure they meet the needs of their website. Some may start with a shared server or VPS hosting, but after a while, you have to switch to the Dedicated Server. 

Getting a Dedicated Server Russia can be overwhelming, as it’s expensive and you need to find a good hosting provider as well. In this article, we are going to highlight the need for a Dedicated Server and how Serverwala is the Best Dedicated Server provider in Russia . 

What do you require in a hosting service for Business Growth?

When it comes to finding an ideal hosting service for your business growth, you need to look at a few factors. These factors would tell you which one would be the perfect hosting server for business growth. 


One of the most important factors that you need to check out in a hosting service plan is the cost. Everyone would be looking for a hosting service that comes in their budget and features all the essential benefits with the plan. You may not need to invest in the most expensive hosting plan, but you should invest in the one that gives you great value for your money. 


One of the most crucial factors of a hosting service plan is its resources. Every hosting plan comes with different types of resources. 

You have to make sure that the plan you are selecting comes with adequate resources required by your website. Whether it’s the power of the CPU or the disk space, everything will matter. So users must know how many resources their site requires and then look for the hosting service plan accordingly. 

Figure out the Specs 

Other than the cost and the resources, users also need to figure out the other specification of a hosting plan. That includes the choices of the operating system, control panel, having a monitoring dashboard, and other important stuff. This would help you to choose the ideal hosting service plan for your website. 

Signs indicating you need the Russia Dedicated Server

If you want to know whether you need a Dedicated Server in Russia, then there are a few signs that can tell you that. 

If Your Website has a Lot of Traffic 

One of the signs that you should switch to Dedicated Server Russia is when your website is getting high traffic. I am sure this would be the goal for you since you have launched your website. So you can’t miss the opportunity of getting success with your website just because you are on the wrong hosting plan. 

VPS hosting plan among others can only handle traffic up to a certain point. After that point, your website would require more resources to handle the traffic. You would get this kind of resource with a Dedicated Server hosting platform only. 

If You are Facing Security Concerns 

The thing with VPS and Shared server is that they lack the security measures to protect the information about you and your website. You can never know who your neighbors are and what they are up to. So it’s better that you invest in a more secure hosting platform like a Dedicated Server. 

The SEO Ranking is Dropping 

One of the signs that you should invest in a Dedicated Server is when you find your SEO ranking dropping. The SEO ranking directly depends on the server and how efficient it is. The SEO ranking can drop if the other websites on your shared website are going down. 

So when you have a Dedicated Server, you will get a unique IP address. The performance of your website won’t be affected by the performance of other websites on the server. This would result in a higher SEO ranking. 

How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Russia is the Best?

Serverwala is the leading Dedicated Server provider in Russia. The award-winning hosting provider company offers feature-packed Dedicated Server hosting plans at an affordable price range. 

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting by Serverwala

High Security 

You won’t have to share the server with any other user so there won’t be a risk of spammers using the same server as you. This makes sure you have a secure environment and free from security threats. 

Better Performance 

One of the reasons why you would need a Dedicated Server is because it ensures better performance. You won’t have to share the resources or compromise with security, so naturally, the performance of your website would be better. 

No Sharing of Resources 

With a Dedicated Server, you own the entire server. This means you will also get dedicated resources that you don’t have to share with anyone else. 


You would run the entire server on your own. This would give you a high level of flexibility. You can customize the settings and make sure you get everything as you require and prefer. 

Unique IP Address

One of the perks of having a Dedicated Server is that you get a unique IP address for your website. When you share IP addresses, the performance, SEO ranking, security, and everything else would depend on the websites using the same IP address as yours. 

So having a unique IP address means you get higher security and higher SEO ranking as well. 

Some other features of Serverwala’s Russia based Dedicated Server;

  • Customization 
  • SSH Root Access 
  • Hosting unlimited websites 
  • Choice of Operating System and Control Panel 
  • 24/7 customer support 

Plans & Prices

Serverwala offers a wide range of plans and prices for their customers to choose from. 

Customer Reviews 

Serverwala has received some of the best reviews from its customers. 


A Dedicated server is more of a necessity for a growing website business. Because only a Dedicated Server can meet the requirements of a website with increasing traffic and make sure it gets the best environment to function properly. 

Given the amazing sets of features and services, Serverwala is the best Dedicated Server provider in Russia to choose from right now.


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