Sergey Tokarev: SET University Provides Scholarship for Master’s Programs

University is one of the initiatives that have been working on developing the IT sector in Ukraine. Regardless of the Russian full-scale invasion, the institution has launched various courses and has provided students with the best practices in the AI area. Sergey Tokarev, the founder of SET University and the tech company Roosh, commented on the new Master’s scholarships and specified their advantages.

SET University is an innovative non-profit educational institution that educates future IT leaders. The university provides students with basic knowledge about technology and entrepreneurship and allows them to implement it in life. Its professional staff also includes specialists from other countries committed to sharing their expertise and conducting handy workshops. The university aims to enhance IT education in Ukraine, make it accessible to every Ukrainian, and develop startups. 

According to Sergey Tokarev, SET University has recently announced new scholarships covering 70% to 90% of tuition fees. They are meant to be applied to two Master’s programs in Cyber Defense and Computer Science and Innovation Engineering. These courses will uncover opportunities to study cyber defense, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence.

These entrepreneurial programs are created in collaboration with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley. They will provide students with all the opportunities to come up with innovative solutions. The thesis involves creating a startup in a university accelerator or developing an IT solution for a tech company.

Such a competition is open to people who work for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, children of combatants, Ukrainian women who seek to develop in IT, and internally displaced persons. The deadline for sending the application is until September 1, 2023. 

SET University allocates five scholarships for each program. According to Sergey Tokarev, such grants will cover studies. SET Scholarship is a charitable initiative aimed to provide Ukrainian men and women with the opportunity to obtain an IT education. This project is funded by benefactors. The university intends to expand the scholarship program to reach every citizen and organization interested in funding grants.

Also, SET University is planning to conduct a free business analytics training for Ukrainian women, ‘Leading with Confidence in the AI World.’ It is a three-day course organized together with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley. The event will take place offline on August 30 in Kyiv.

Business analytics training included workshops provided by Gauthier Vasseur, a director and professor at the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics. He teaches business leaders to use Data Science and analytics when developing and implementing business strategies. This training is the first joint event of SET University and UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics.Sergey Tokarevunderlies that they plan further cooperation in order to create a long-term program on innovation and other events.