Selling a property in multi-exclusive: myths and realities

When it comes to thinking about selling your property, there are several options that are at your disposal. The first is to try to do it on your own, which may not be the best option. Then there is the possibility of hiring a trusted real estate agency or several of them to compete. However, they are not the ones that imply the most advantages either. What is it about selling a multi-exclusive property? What benefits can it bring you? What are the myths that circulate the most about it and why are they wrong? In this article we answer all these questions and we tell you why it is convenient for you to sell your apartment with nphp .

Selling a multi-exclusive property may be the ideal option for you. Delegating the work to a trusted real estate agent to take care of the dissemination and management to find the ideal buyer implies peace of mind. This can be accomplished by hiring any agency to do this work, but it may mean a longer wait if that agency does not have enough clients in its portfolio. When choosing the multi-exclusive sale, it will not only be your agent who will take care of the management. There will also be other agencies and professionals with more clients who will collaborate.

Below we show you in detail what it is about selling a multi-exclusive property through an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and what advantages it has over other types of real estate services. Also, what myths and erroneous beliefs circulate about this modality, compared to what really happens when choosing it. Finally, we will tell you why it is convenient for you to sell your apartment in ehsaas cash program. Read on to find out!

Differences between selling a property on your own, exclusively and multi-exclusive

If you have already made the decision and are thinking of selling your property, you should know that you have several options to achieve it. Let’s see what they are:

  • On your own account: there is always the possibility of personally taking charge of spreading and managing a property for sale. However, this can bring various headaches. On the one hand, it will require more effort and time. On the other hand, if you have little experience or knowledge in the subject, the process can become more cumbersome and, even, inconveniences can arise.
  • Exclusively with one or more real estate companies: leaving everything in the hands of a professional will imply greater comfort and a greater probability that the sale of the property will be completed. In this sense, there is the possibility of signing the exclusive with a single real estate agency. One against this option is that surely this entity does not have a large portfolio of clients and, therefore, the sale process takes longer. You can also sign with several agencies, but most likely none of them wants to put all their effort into the sale of your property for fear of not being the one that finally succeeds.
  • In multi-exclusive: there is a third possibility, which will allow you to leave the management in the hands of professionals. The difference with the previous option is that it will be several agencies and several agents who will be in charge of selling your property, without the need to compete with each other and, therefore, without the fear of investing more and finally not being the one who ends up specifying the transaction.

Below we will tell you everything you need to know about this third option, that of selling your property in multi-exclusive.

What does it mean to sell a multi-exclusive property?

The multi-exclusive or shared exclusive is a collaboration system between different agencies and real estate agents belonging to the same area or work area, like how it is with prime minister house loan scheme in pakistan. In general, they initially stick to a certain area or neighborhood within large cities and share information about properties that were captured exclusively with each other.

In this way, when an owner wishes to sell his property, he has at his disposal the commercial force of the best real estate agencies and agents in the area. If you grant them this exclusivity, they will work to achieve the commercialization of the home, offering it to previously qualified buyers, as well as to other people who have an interest in acquiring a property of these characteristics in the area.

It should be clarified that, when deciding to sell their property in multi-exclusive, the owner deals with a single agency, which is the captor. This will share all the information of the property with the rest of the collaborating agencies of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service or multiple listing service) so that they have it in their product portfolio.

What other tasks does the capturing agency assume when selling a multi-exclusive property?

In addition to sharing the necessary data with the rest of the agencies and agents, the agency will also be in charge of representing the client when negotiating with other entities, which will be the representatives of the potential buyers. Thus, the owner will have the assurance that his agent will be in charge of defending his interests. Which ones specifically? Mainly, that the property is sold at the highest price and in the shortest possible time. This does not happen when choosing a sale modality in which the agent intermediates between the owner client and a buyer client.

What is an MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is precisely what these groups of agencies and real estate agents are called that cooperate with each other to be able to market properties that they captured exclusively.

What are the advantages of choosing an MLS to sell a multi-exclusive property?

Many professionals trying to sell your home at the same time

By hiring an agent that is part of one of these groups, you will not be choosing a single agency to manage the promotion and sale of your property, but several will be in charge of it at the same time.

Greater diffusion

Without a doubt, you will achieve the widest possible diffusion. The more agencies and agents are involved in trying to sell your property, the more opportunities there will be for this to happen, as all of them will offer it to all their clients.

A single interlocutor

Even if there are many people working to sell your property, you will only have to communicate with a single interlocutor, that is, the agent who captured the exclusive. He will be the one who gives you the accounts of the management carried out by the entire group. In this way, you will save wasted time.

Greater transparency in information

All the information about your property, such as its price or its characteristics, will be the same for all the agents and agencies that make up the MLS. Clearly you will gain in transparency, since there will be no publications with different prices or dimensions that make the buyer distrust. It will always be your trusted agent who guides and guides you in all the steps to follow to finalize the sale.

Greater commitment

You will get the commitment of your agent, who will be willing to share his fees and will do everything possible to sell your property. Also, on behalf of all the agencies and professionals involved. It will be a service of mutual commitment.

Along the same lines, you will have access to a contract that will ensure a management commitment from all these agencies and agents that participate in the agreement.

Visits filter

All requested visits to your property will be previously filtered by your agent. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary visits and wasted time.

Best online publications

Finally, if you sell your property in multi-exclusive, the publication in the different real estate portals will be as detailed as possible, which is not the case with real estate agencies that work without this modality. These tend to “hide” the house by showing only interior images of it in order to mislead other real estate companies and the buyer himself, just so that he does not go directly without going through the agency first. What happens is that in many portals the properties with exact addresses are published in the first positions giving more visibility than the rest.

Myths vs facts about selling a multi-exclusive property

We have already told you all the advantages that choosing to sell your property in multi-exclusive can offer you. However, it is an option about which there are many myths and misconceptions circulating. Next, we will tell you what they are and what actually happens when you decide on this type of service:

Myth # 1

“I prefer that several agencies manage the sale of my house, so I have more options.”

Reality: By choosing this option, it is most likely that none of the real estate agencies hired will commit or do enough work on the exclusive on the property. Why? When there are other entities involved, they will be demotivated, since they may invest a lot of time, money and effort to finally not be the ones who sell the property.

Myth # 2

“I prefer that several real estate companies compete, so they will not fall asleep and sell my house faster.”

Reality: There is no doubt that, in real estate, collaborating is more profitable than competing. We all win with the collaboration that a multi-exclusive sale implies. The first beneficiary will be you as the owner, since your agent will share the property with his colleagues, which will make finding the ideal buyer quickly and effectively easier.

Myth # 3

“If I choose the multi-exclusive I will not be able to sell the house on my own if the opportunity presents itself.”

Reality: All agencies that work in multi-exclusive already have buyers in their portfolio. Therefore, it is more likely that your agent will find the ideal buyer or that one of his collaborators will find him before you. In fact, many private buyers are unable to secure their mortgage and therefore several purchases are frustrated. This can also mean that the property ends up being sold at a much lower price. For this reason, having a trusted real estate agency that can advise the buyer in granting their mortgage will undoubtedly increase the chances that the sale will come to fruition.

Myth # 4

“If I sign a multi-exclusive I marry an agency and end up with my hands tied.”

Reality: In truth, when a real estate agency captures the multi-exclusive of a property, it must assume a great responsibility, since its commitment with that client is higher than with others. In this way, it is certain that you will invest all your effort, your financial resources and your time in selling that property, since, if you do not succeed, you will have to face large losses.


As you may have seen, these myths, prejudices and beliefs that often circulate regarding the sale of a multi-exclusive property are exaggerated or erroneous. Without a doubt, choosing this type of service will mean for you:

  • Sell ​​your property in less time and at a better price.
  • Deal with a single agent while there are more people taking care of finding the ideal buyer for your home.
  • Get a higher level of commitment from the real estate agencies that captured your exclusive.

It should be mentioned here that it is important to feel comfortable with the signed contract, therefore, it is advisable that it be short-term, but never less than six months. In this way, you will give your agent the opportunity to do their job with the necessary peace of mind. In case your service is not satisfactory, after this period you can change your consultant.

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